12 Ways to Get Inexpensive Presents for Each Person on Your List

While Christmas falls on the same December day every single year without fail, some of us still feel like we don’t plan ahead enough. In addition, there are so many things to do that by the time the holidays are over it’s almost a relief. Whether we are prepared or not, though, Christmas day eventually arrives.

But for some people, preparing for the holidays is easier said than done. When budgets are already tight and the list is long, paying for everything can be a real struggle.

Nevertheless, there are 12 ways to get inexpensive presents for each person on your list.

1. Bake Goodies

One of the great things about the holidays is all of the wonderful, different foods we get to try. Some are traditional food items we only make during this time of the year.

However, not everyone has the time to bake. You could be doing them a favor by giving baked goodies as Christmas gifts. It’s a great way to get inexpensive presents for each person on your list.

2. Purchase “Nearly New” Items

There are websites that can help you get nearly new items to give as gifts. Try letgo.com or Amazon.com to find new items without tags or boxes for less than new prices.

3. Buy All Year

Granted, this idea won’t help this Christmas since it’s nearly upon us. Still, if you start early in 2018 you can get inexpensive presents for each person on your list and be done by the holidays.

Begin by buying just one gift in January while your finances recover. Then divide the remaining number of gifts you must buy by 11. This is how many gifts you must buy each month until Christmas comes around again.

4. Save Up

Instead of just talking about saving for Christmas, actually do it. Set up a separate bank account just for Christmas through Capital One or Ally Bank. Put money into it each month until you are ready to begin buying for the holidays.

5. Side Hustle

Take a side job so you can afford to get inexpensive presents for each person on your list. You could just do extra work in the summer such as mowing yards or watching someone’s school aged kids.

By the time fall hits and the holidays are not far behind, you will have money set aside for gifts.

6. Make Gifts

Making gifts is a good way to stretch your dollars and get inexpensive presents for each person on your list. Your non-crafty friends and family will appreciate your creativity, time, and thoughtfulness.

7. Shop Sales

Shopping sales can help you get gifts on a tight budget. Look for sales all year and price compare so you always know when a sale is really a sale.

8. Draw Names

At the end of Christmas this year make a suggestion that everyone draw names for the next year. That way you all have a year to come up with something great.

9. Give Group Gifts

Giving group gifts can help you get inexpensive presents for each person on your list. For example, give a husband and wife a fun night out together.

Wrap an empty popcorn bucket with a few goodies and tickets to the local theatre. Add a printed coupon for a free night of babysitting and you have an inexpensive couple’s gift.

10. Set Price Levels

Many people go over budget at Christmas. To prevent this from happening, set up price levels. For adults set a price level and kids another. Coworkers or bosses get a third level.

This can help you plan ahead and budget for the holidays each year. Then, look for inexpensive presents for each person on your list from places such as gift lab.

11. Gift an Experience

Believe it or not, gifting and experience can cost less than tons of smaller gifts. Give a trip to an amusement park or destination not too far away that the receiver has never been. Now it’s time to gift yourself this festive season and there’s no better way to reward yourself than with a redballoon.com.au experience. Perhaps you got some Chrissie cash to burn, maybe you’ve got a gift voucher to spend – with over 3500 experiences to choose from, and you’ll find the perfect way to treat yourself.

12. Compare Prices

As you begin shopping for the holidays, comparing prices can help you keep costs down. When you don’t have a lot of money but do have time, look on the internet for the best price before you order.

Christmas arrives the same time every year. But you can be prepared by using these 12 ways to get inexpensive presents for each person on your list.

What do you do to get presents for everyone on your list?

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