4 Careers With High Employment Rates

When choosing a career, there are many thing to consider.

While your passions and talents should ideally be two of the most important factors, sometimes being practical means looking at what’s most available. While many industries fluctuate in response to larger trends and other external and internal factors, there are some fields that benefit from consistent demand levels and – as a result – a steady stream of employment opportunities. Here are four of the career types that seem to always be hiring.

1. Medicine And Pharmacy

The health industry is one where people can consistently find work, especially as our lifespans are increasing and the need for aged care grows. Medicine and pharmacy are two particular fields where graduates are able to find a job fairly easily. Other well-performing areas include dentistry, nursing, and veterinary science. Due to the importance and popularity of health jobs, many recruitment agencies such as Chandler Macleod include specific resources for people interested in working in this industry. You might also consider pursuing an msn to nurse practitioner program to pursue a high demand career in advanced nursing fields.

2. Engineering

As technology continues to develop and alter the way our society operates, there is an increasing demand for skilled engineers. While machines take over some of the roles humans once did manually, businesses require employees with the abilities to build, operate and repair these machines. Employment rates are particularly high for mining, civil, electrical, and computer/electronics engineers. Skills in one engineering discipline are often transferrable to other areas to some degree, which further improves how hireable engineering graduates can be.

3. Building

While many things change in any community, one thing never does: the importance of infrastructure. And, as such, people who are able to contribute to building important pieces of infrastructure are always needed. Builders have a reliably consistent employment rate compared to other fields – even related areas such as architecture and urban planning. Of course, this is particularly true for those living in locales experiencing much development and growth, as such towns and cities require more manpower to construct the houses, hospitals, schools, and other buildings that comprise a community.

4. Law

Along with the healthy salaries that are obtainable in this line of work, a high employment rate is a key factor that attracts people to studying and working in law. For some individuals, this field also offers an unambiguous career path, which can be incredibly valuable in a world of uncertainty. If your interests and skills correspond with the type of roles available in the legal world, this is definitely a career path to seriously consider.

At the end of the day, the likeliness of securing a job is a very real factor that needs to be taken into account when deciding on the career you would like to pursue. Keep in mind also that people in today’s workforce change careers more frequently than any past generation. So even if you do discover you’ve made the wrong decision, there are plenty of ways to go about making the switch to a new job.

What do you think? Which industries have you noticed are always looking for new employees? Share your observations and insights in the comments below.

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