7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel New on A Small Budget

Have you ever looked at home remodelling Pins on Pinterest and felt the immediate desire to renovate your home? Personally, I go through this phase quite a lot. Unfortunately, making renovations can be a lengthy, costly and complicated affair. However, giving your home a little extra “oomph” doesn’t mean you should shell out thousands. There are some small adjustments that will make your home look fresh and new – and they don’t cost much.

Here are some ideas on how to make small adjustments that’ll make your home more functional and fun to live in.

  1. Paint

Painting the whole house is an expensive project that takes time. But painting your doors is inexpensive and it gives your doors a fresh, new look. Go for a fun, contrasting colour or one that complements your interior décor. Be sure to paint both interior and exterior doors including your front door.

You can also paint your kitchen cabinets – it’s an inexpensive way of making an outdated kitchen look modern and clean. Window frames are another area you can paint. Since most builder-grade windows are dark inside, painting them will make the windows look clean, bigger and more modern. Old tubs or tubs with dated colours can also do with some paint.

  1. Upgrade Lighting

Replacing boring recessed lights in the main room and dining area with an eye-catching chandelier can make your space feel elegant. You can also add floor lamps and table lamps throughout the home to create an elegant feeling.

  1. Add Moulding

Moulding has a way of making a space look complete; it brings the walls and ceiling together, creating an elegant appearance. The nice thing about moulding is that it’s relatively inexpensive, making it affordable to many homeowners. For a plush, elegant appearance, try adding different types of moulding in your home, i.e. ceiling beams, ceiling medallions, high base, crown, chair rails, and columns among others.

  1. Paint Unsightly Tile

If you don’t want to re-tile your floors, you can simply paint them for a fresh and clean look. To ensure you get a flawless, durable finish, use the correct preparation method – clean and grout the tiles, apply primer then paint. Be sure to use the most durable paint available. Epoxy paint or heavy-duty paint meant for floors and outdoor decks will work just fine.

  1. Update Old Fixtures

A quick and easy way to give your home a fresh look on a dime is to replace old fixtures. Cabinet handles, drawer pulls and door accessories like knobs and locks are small, inexpensive details that can add a touch of elegance to your home. To give your home a high-end sheen, consider installing door accessories from Todd Doors. The site sells a variety of door accessories so you’re sure of getting pieces that suit your style.

In addition to this, you can also update outlets, light plates, and switches. If you do not have experience in doing this, hire a certified electrician.

  1. Upgrade Your Window Frames

Adding a new apron and moulding can make your windows look larger. If you have enough money, you can install new window treatments and coverings. You can also add exterior shading such as exterior blinds, awnings, overhangs to make your home’s exterior look appealing.

  1. Dress Up an Old Sofa

If you often give your couch some serious side-eye, it’s time to give it new life by covering it with a slipcover. The nice thing about slipcovers is that they come in different shapes, sizes and patterns. But if you can’t find a slipcover that fits your couch well, don’t fret. Done well, a loose fit is timeless.

With these seven simple tips, you can scratch the home-improvement itch and make your home feel new on a shoestring budget.

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