16 Lingerie Brands Men Should Know, Beyond Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret might be a familiar name, but the lingerie world has so much more to offer. Whether you’re looking for everyday comfort, something luxurious for a special occasion, or sustainable options, there’s a brand out there to suit your (or your partner’s) needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of 16 lingerie brands that cater to different desires:

Aerie: Affordable Comfort & Inclusivity (Starting at $20)

Aerie has become a go-to brand for comfortable and affordable bralettes, panties, and loungewear. They offer a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure a perfect fit, all without breaking the bank.

Hanes: Classic Essentials at Value Prices (Starting at $10)

A reliable brand for everyday basics, Hanes offers comfortable and practical bras, panties, and camisoles at accessible price points. Their no-fuss approach to lingerie makes them a favorite for those who prioritize comfort and functionality.

True & Co.: Finding Your Perfect Fit Online (Starting at $49)

True & Co. takes the guesswork out of bra shopping with its online quizzes, which match you with the perfect size and style. They specialize in comfortable and supportive bras designed for everyday wear, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable throughout the day.

Soma: Luxurious Comfort for Everyday Indulgence (Starting at $50)

Soma elevates everyday lingerie to a luxurious level. Their focus on comfort and everyday wear doesn’t sacrifice quality. Soma’s bras are renowned for being soft and supportive, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of luxury in their everyday essentials.

Athleta: Supportive Performance for Active Lifestyles (Starting at $35)

For those with active lifestyles, Athleta offers sports bras and activewear designed for high-impact activities. Their innovative designs prioritize support and comfort, allowing you to move freely and confidently during any workout.

SheFit: Unbeatable Support for Larger Busts (Starting at $60)

Finding a supportive sports bra can be a challenge for those with larger cup sizes. SheFit tackles this issue head-on with its line of sports bras specifically designed for fuller figures. Experience a comfortable, bounce-free workout with the perfect level of support.

Brooks: Run Comfortably in Style (Starting at $40)

While Brooks is known for its exceptional running shoes, its lingerie selection shouldn’t be overlooked. It offers a range of sports bras designed for different levels of impact, ensuring you find the perfect balance between support and breathability for your next run.

Agent Provocateur: Edgy Designs for the Daring (Starting at $100)

Agent Provocateur isn’t for the faint of heart. This brand specializes in lingerie that makes a statement with its bold and daring designs. Embrace your inner confidence and unleash your sensual side with a piece from Agent Provocateur.

La Perla: Timeless Elegance with Italian Flair (Starting at $200)

Experience the epitome of luxury lingerie with La Perla. This Italian powerhouse is known for its exquisite lace lingerie and timeless designs that exude elegance and sophistication. La Perla lingerie is an heirloom-quality investment that will make you feel like royalty.

Lonely Lingerie: Delicate Femininity for Everyday Luxury (Starting at $75)

Indulge in the delicate and feminine world of Lonely Lingerie. Their collections feature beautiful lace and mesh designs, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your everyday lingerie routine. These lingerie sets are made from high-quality materials for a comfortable and luxurious feel.

Savage X Fenty: Inclusivity and Body Positivity in Bold Styles (Starting at $30)

Rihanna’s lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, celebrates inclusivity and body positivity in various sizes and styles. Find something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, no matter your body type. Their bold and fashion-forward designs are perfect for a special occasion or a night of self-love.

Fleur du Mal: Intricate Lace for Special Moments (Starting at $120)

Fleur du Mal offers lingerie sets that are like wearable works of art. Intricate lacework and delicate details create pieces perfect for special occasions. Feel undeniably glamorous and romantic in a Fleur du Mal lingerie set.

For Love & Lemons: Whimsical Romance with a Vintage Touch (Starting at $50)

Embrace your inner romantic with For Love & Lemons’ lingerie collections. Their whimsical and romantic styles feature beautiful floral patterns and vintage-inspired silhouettes. These lingerie sets are perfect for adding a touch of playfulness and charm to a special occasion.

Knix: Comfort and Functionality with Sustainability in Mind (Starting at $40)

Look good and feel good with Knix, a Canadian brand focused on sustainability and ethical production. Their comfortable and functional lingerie is made from recycled materials, so you can feel confident knowing your undergarments are kind to the planet.

Organic Basics: Sustainable Essentials for Everyday Wear (Starting at $25)

The Organic Basics brand creates lingerie and basics from organic cotton and recycled materials. Their focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing goes hand-in-hand with their commitment to comfort and style. Feel good about what you’re wearing every day with Organic Basics.

Worst U.S. Cities to Live in Without Air Conditioning

In some American cities, choosing to live without air conditioning is a nightmare. From the scorching heat of Fresno and Tucson to the humid conditions of Miami and Orlando, these cities’ unbearable weather conditions make AC a necessity. Here’s a look at the worst cities to endure without it:

Phoenix – Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona, experiences sunnier days than any other American city. In the absence of an AC, surviving the blazing heat would almost be impossible. With temperatures often soaring past 110°F, it would be unbearable to live without artificial temperature regulations. A major heatwave in 1990 topped the records.

Las Vegas – Nevada

Sitting in the Mojave Desert with extremely high temperatures, Las Vegas calls for artificial cooling. The famous Strip’s neon lights can’t save you from the scorching heat. Without air conditioning, you would never want to live in this city, especially when it experiences heatwaves.

Tucson – Arizona

Living in Tucson without air conditioning would expose you to the brutality of its weather. With summer temperatures often hitting highs of 100°F, you’d rethink your decision during the city’s infamous “monsoon season.” Tucson hosts the globe’s biggest collection of optical telescopes at Kitt Peak National Observatory.

Riverside – California

The burning heat of Riverside’s summer would expose you to a sweat-soaked struggle without an AC. Known for the historic Mission Inn, its temperatures often hit 100°F. The infamous 2018 heatwave resulted in residents hustling for relief at cooling centers that were created in response. An AC is a must.

San Antonio – Texas

San Antonio summers can make you wonder whether the sun moved closer to the earth. Frequently going above the 100°F mark, not having air conditioning is a mistake you can’t recover from. It’s interesting that it is home to the largest Mexican market outside Mexico.

Miami – Florida

High humidity and temperatures over 90 °F make this city unlivable in the absence of an AC. The only U.S. city founded by a woman, Julia Tuttle, can sometimes be unwelcoming if you ignore this important machine. Without AC, a power interruption would feel like eternity in a steam room.

Houston – Texas

Houston is another of Texas’ cities where temperatures can triple during the summers. Your life will be miserable without air conditioning in the city of the world’s largest livestock show and rodeo. Its heat waves often disrupt the power systems, further worsening the situation.

Fresno – California

Triple-digit temperatures are common in Fresno, meaning life would be unbearable if you couldn’t control the heat. The raisin capital’s heatwaves are another problem that compounds life. The relentless heat and dry air will transform your house into an oven, making a day without an AC unbearable.

Dallas – Texas

Dallas is home to some of the highest temperatures in the U.S., and life without cooling systems is almost unimaginable. This could explain why it is home to the frozen margarita machine’s invention. During heatwaves, it gets worse because of the power outages.

Orlando – Florida

In Orlando, the temperatures commonly go above 90°F, accompanied by high humidity. Air conditioning is a must-have in the home of the largest collection of Tiffany glass. Additionally, its frequent thunderstorms invite blackouts, leaving residents sweating it out. This is why you will need ACs to survive in your home.

12 Pieces of Advice Parents Regret Listening To

Parenting often feels like navigating a maze blindfolded, and everyone around you seems to have a map—or at least they think they do. Advice abounds from family members to online forums, but not all of it is helpful. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at parenting advice that many parents found didn’t quite live up to the hype and how they learned to trust their instincts instead.

“Cry It Out” Method

“Let them cry it out to sleep better,” they said. Turns out, studies suggest that while it might reduce the bedtime struggle, it can increase anxiety in some children. Our nights were filled with more stress than rest. Seriously, who can sleep with all that crying?

Adhering to a Rigid Feeding Schedule

“Feed them every three hours.” What we didn’t realize is that babies are more like snackers. Trying to clock-watch with a screaming baby in arms taught us to be more baby-led than schedule-driven. Sometimes, timing is everything—except with newborns.

Banning Bed-Sharing

Everyone warned us against the perils of co-sleeping. However, research indicates it can enhance bonding and breastfeeding. On rough nights, letting them snuggle up with us turned nightmares into dreamy nights. Breaking the rules never felt so good.

Early Potty Training

“Get them out of diapers before they turn two.” We tried, but early potty training isn’t one-size-fits-all. The push for early toilet mastery only led to frustration. We learned it’s okay to wait until they’re really ready.

Strict Limits on Screen Time

They preached minimal screen time. Yet, during unexpected events like lockdowns, educational shows became lifesavers. Turns out, a little screen time can be a window to learning and not just mindless entertainment. Moderation became our new motto.

Accelerating Academic Learning

They advised, “Start young with academic training.” Instead of creating a child prodigy, this approach just bred resistance and resentment. Children learn best through play—something even experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics advocate. Who knew learning could be so fun?

Minimizing Toys

Minimalism sounded great until we realized that different toys stimulate different skills. A variety of toys can encourage creativity and problem-solving. Our living room looks like a toy store explosion, but hey, at least it’s creative chaos!

Firm Stand Against Picky Eating

“Never cater to picky eaters” was the mantra. But adding variety and choices slowly broadened their palates. Negotiating with vegetables turned our kitchen into a peaceful zone rather than a battlefield.

Strict Discipline

The old school thought was all about strict discipline. Embracing gentle parenting, which promotes cooperation over punishment, transformed our household dynamics. Who knew a little empathy could go such a long way?

Over-scheduling Activities

They said, “Kids need constant stimulation.” We ended up with a packed schedule and a lot of stress. Reducing commitments brought back relaxation and spontaneous fun—it turns out downtime is pretty productive!

Insistence on Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding has many benefits, insisting on it at all costs can sometimes do more harm than good. When we switched to formula, everyone was happier and healthier. Feeding is about nourishment, not just the method.

Encouraging Emotional Stoicism

“Teach them to be tough and hide their feelings.” Instead, teaching our kids about expressing emotions led to stronger emotional intelligence. Sometimes, a good cry with your kids can be incredibly bonding.

Refusing to Negotiate

“Never negotiate with your kids” seemed like a way to maintain authority. However, we found that negotiation teaches valuable skills like compromise and perspective-taking. Our home is now an arena of diplomacy.

Shunning Technology

The advice to avoid distractions was to keep them away from gadgets. However, technology, when used appropriately, can be profoundly educational. It’s all about using tech wisely, not completely avoiding it.

Promoting Silence Over Expression

The notion that “children should be seen and not heard” underestimated the value of communication. Encouraging our kids to share their thoughts and feelings has opened up a world of insights. Their chatter is music to our ears.