Why It’s More Fun To Play Casino Games Online

If you have always liked the idea of playing at a casino but there is not one near where you live, then you could always try playing online. Playing at an online casino is a very popular pastime and there are many people that prefer playing online to playing at a land-based casino. There are several reasons why playing at an online casino is much more fun.

Less Formal

There are no dress codes at online casinos which mean there is no need to dress up in formal attire. You can play from the comfort of your own home in whatever clothes you wish. You can use the time that you would have taken to get ready to start playing your favorite games. There is also no need for you to have to buy new clothes for the occasion and this can help to save you money.

Easier To Access

You do not even need to leave your house in order to get access to the best online casinos. There is no travelling involved and so you do not have to worry about taking a cab or finding somewhere to park. You can also play at an online casino from your mobile in any location that you can connect to the internet. This offers a lot of convenience and can make those times when you find that you have a spare five minutes on your hands a lot more interesting.

Bigger Jackpots

Many online casinos offer games with progressive jackpots which give you the chance to win life changing sums of money. Online casinos will often link with each other on certain games which means that the jackpot can rise very quickly. This is not something that tends to happen at land-based casinos. You can have a lot of fun as you try and hit the highest paying online jackpots.

More Privacy

You can play at an online casino without anyone knowing what you are doing. This can be useful if you have friends or family members that are quite negative about online gaming and playing at an online casino for real money. You may also have people close to you that seem to want to monitor your movements and find out where you are all the time. You will not need to explain to anyone about where you are going because there is no need for you to leave the house.

Testing Out Strategies

All casino games are games of chance and luck but some people believe that there are certain strategies for different games that work better than others. At an online casino you can often play the most popular games with virtual money so that you can test these theories out without risking any of your own cash. This is not something that would be available at a land-based casino as you would have to bet some money before you were able to play. At an online casino you can play for free and when you decide you want to play for real money it is easy to make a deposit.


Health Service Careers

When you’re trying to pick a career to follow, it can be very difficult. If you feel like you need to do this to inform your choices for GCSE or A-Level courses, you don’t have the broad experience or knowledge to make an informed decision, and even a broad choice like ‘wanting to work for the NHS’ can encompass lots of different jobs that will require different qualifications.

Today, let’s strip away the mystery and look at a few of the careers on offer within the NHS so whether you’re looking at Occupational Therapy jobs, or a career as a Psychiatrist, you’ll have a bit more information with which to make your choice.

Occupational Therapy

This is perhaps the most flexible role within the NHS. In brief, Occupational Therapists work with people whose health conditions prevent them doing things that matter to them. Within this wide scope, an individual OT might work with the elderly, helping them ensure their reduced strength and mobility don’t impact on their ability to lead a full life; those suffering from a mental health condition like bi-polar disorder to find ways to accommodate that condition healthily within their life, or children with learning disabilities.

The OT’s aim is always to maximise the quality of life for the people they work with, with creativity, patience and the benefit of experience.


Easy to confuse with psychology, but fundamentally very different, psychiatrists are medical specialists in mental disorders. They can diagnose, attempting to fit the patterns of a patient’s behaviour into a recognised syndrome, and prescribing medication and therapy to help the patient manage the symptoms of the disorder.

The path to being a psychiatrist is a long one: As well as the standard five year medical training degree, a prospective psychiatrist must complete two years of foundation medical work in hospitals before embarking on their six years of specialist training.

Mental Health Nursing

Some people see nurses as simply assistants to doctors, but this couldn’t be more wrong. Nursing is a distinct profession with as many qualifications and specialisms as any another in the NHS.

Mental Health Nurses specialise in helping those suffering mental health issues – which can be as many as one in four people. They can work as part of a specialised mental health unit, working closely with the team there to ensure patients know how to take their prescribed medication and do so on time, and to help assess incoming patients and identify those who are at risk of harming themselves and others.


How Lenders Assess Credit Worthiness

Lenders assess creditworthiness using a variety of methods. Some of these methods are based on financial calculations and others are based on stereotypes. Regardless of the ethics of how lenders determine whether they should lend to someone, you need to follow to their rules.

These are the main aspects lenders use to assess credit worthiness.  Below are several factors that contribute to a lenders decision when applying for a loan.

Credit Score

A credit score is the main number lenders use to assess whether someone can borrow money. The threshold for what a suitable credit score is varies from lender to lender. However, there are few lenders who don’t use credit score when assessing prospective borrowers. You can get a copy of your credit report from one of the major credit reporting agencies.

If you happen to have bad credit it can be much more difficult for you to obtain a loan. It’s not impossible and people with bad credit get loans every day.  You may have to go with a lender that specializes in these type of loans.  Keep in mind your interest rates will be higher than those with good credit. 

Do You Have Stable Employment?

Salary is important because it determines exactly how much you can afford to borrow. However, lenders will also consider whether you have stable employment. Stable employment puts the minds of lenders at ease because they know the borrower has an income coming on a consistent basis. The self-employed and the unemployed will always struggle to meet the standards set by lenders because of this requirement.

Age of the Applicant

The age of the applicant is always important in borrowing because there’s the idea that people of a certain age are unreliable. The elderly are on limited incomes and may only have limited time remaining, so they’re naturally considered to be more of a risk. Young people fresh out of college are also considered to present more of a risk because they don’t yet have a stable career or positive earnings potential. Those who’re considered to be of the best age are those who’re middle-aged because they already have stable careers and stable income. They’re also reaching their peak earning years.

Payment History

This is all wrapped up within credit score, but lenders will still look at a person’s payment history separately. You can still have a good credit score without spending decades building up that credit score. And some people may have a higher credit score but have a poorer history of making payments. Credit score only details the short to medium-term. The long-term can be eliminated by what’s happened in the short to medium-term. Lenders want to be able to look as far back as they can. If the borrower has had payment issues before this is something that will weigh in on their decision.

Total Debt Owed

Lenders always want to know whether borrowers have any existing debts. The last thing lenders want is for borrowers to get snowed under by their financial obligations. Having too much outstanding debt could cause them to deny an application even if the credit score and credit history is good. This is because the lender is liable to lose their money if the borrower finds themselves in a financial crisis. The ideal borrower is someone who has no existing debt. It means the lender can be confident that their debt is going to be the priority.

What are the Benefits of Being Considered Credit Worthy?

It’s a myth that only a person’s credit score matters in whether they can borrow from a lender. There are so many other factors, as detailed above. Credit worthiness will give you lower interest rates and the ability to be able to borrow more money. It puts you in a better position to accomplish your goals. Plus, the repayments are likely to be lower if you’re more credit worthy.

Last Word – Focus on Improvement

Now that you know what lenders are looking for you should focus on improving your position. We’ve already discussed why this is a good idea and what it can lead to. Get a copy of your credit report as the first step and start making yourself more creditworthy today.