What Should You Budget for Home Repairs?

When it comes to renovating your home there is the constant tussle between getting the home you’ve dreamt of and, fixing the essentials so you can at least live in it! It’s hard and no one denies how frustrating the toss up can be, but essential costs and non essential costs form the budget you would be willing to spend on your home.

Therefore, knowing your budget and knowing what you should be spending it on is essential if you want to get that dream look and feel to your home. Fast Florida House Sale have recently completed an investigation into house repair costs and some of the findings can leave you feeling rather overwhelmed.

A simple breakdown from the investigation

The investigation that the team at Fast Florida House Sale took out looked at six main areas of home improvement; Kitchen, bathroom, interior, garden, roof and windows. The total average cost of fixing all of these areas of the house came to a whopping, $45,000.

That is more than the average wage for a family of four in most states, let alone remodelling your house for different reasons.

For example, a complete kitchen remodel costs on average, $20,000. Yes this would include plumbing, electric work and then your kitchen, but dependent on how much work, your material and labour cost and any structural work that may be carried out, you could see that cost go to $30,000 rather quickly. In the investigation carried out, Fast Florida House Sale discovered that the highest cost for a standard four bedroom property cost $49,000.

One of the other areas of the home that people focus on is the bathroom. Once again, the associated costs can be a big factor in your budget. As the investigation uncovered, the average cost of a bathroom renovation was just over the $9,000 mark. More interestingly, they discovered that the most expensive renovation came to $20,000.

Understand what is essential

An essential repair as the team point out is “something that is required for you to live comfortably in your own home.” We would be looking at things like, heating or air conditioning and how well your home supports both things; yes, your windows here would be an essential fix.

The better insulated your home, the better it is at coping with your heating and cooling requirements; that would be considered a luxury convenience but in a lot of cases, an essential expenditure.

The other element to weatherproofing your home would also be your roof. Obviously leaks are a potential issue, as well as  more structural concerns such as wet or dry rot that can happen in roof struts if you are not careful.
If you were to take in the average costs of fixing your roof and windows; we get how both may not be required at the same time, then you are looking at a bill that totals nearly, $13,000.

One of the keys is decorating

One of the big takeaways from the investigation is how cost effective decorating your home could be. Yes, a lick of paint can do the world of good for your home, especially if you are trying to achieve a specific look and not do anything structural.

At an average cost of $1,600, you could re-decorate your home yourself and with a few friends or family round to help, it could even be less.

Our tips for re-decorating would be:

  • Get inspiration; use tools like Pinterest or design magazines to give you a sense of what effect and style you want in your home. Once you pinpoint this, you can start to focus on colour scheme.
  • Colour schemes; this is important, especially from a living or resale purpose. Let it be clear, painting your house in tones for you is always essential, but if you’re looking to sell your home in a few years time, bold or dark colours could put people off.
  • Second hand or the internet; there are lots of reseller sites that make it easy to re-furnish your home. You don’t always need, new.
  • Remember soft furnishings cost; one thing to remember in all of this is, things like pillows, blankets, candles etc, come out of your total budget and they can cost!

Luckily, Fast Florida House Sale have provided a useful infographic for you to check what the average, lowest and biggest costs to any house repairs would be. Check it out below;


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