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hand-427509_640If you’re running your own business, working in a new and exciting field or simply extremely good at what you do, you’re likely to spend part of each year at business conferences. These can be overwhelming events: packed with people, with a busy timetable in the day and socialising in the evening, and it can be difficult to know where to turn.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your head on your shoulders and get orientated for success at your next business conference.

Take the Reins

Whether you’re speaking or listening, you’re going to meet lots of people and likely want to take that relationship beyond your first meeting to turn them into important contacts for your business.

One way to do that is make sure you’re in charge of the interaction: go beyond the scheduled events of the conference and create your own. Whether that’s goodbye drinks on the last night with contacts you think would be particularly valuable or arranging a business lunch the week after the conference to reflect on it with someone whose expertise you want to court, it grants you authority in their eyes, and makes it clear you see this as an ongoing relationship.

Stay in Touch

If you’re traveling internationally for a conference, you need to pay more attention to your mobile phone. If you don’t prepare, you could be hit with hefty roaming fees, as not using your phone is simply not an option in the modern world.

One way for your business to contribute to your trip is to use a secure international top up service to send credit to your phone wherever you are. This means they can be sure you always have what you need to represent their interests.


Conference burnout is a very real risk. They’re high pace environments, with events and talks scheduled from the beginning of each day, through to dining, drinking and networking events in the evening. Whatever you are doing, you’re always ‘on’ – always projecting a positive and professional image to represent both yourself and your company at their best.

To make sure you can continue to do that, make sure you get enough downtime to recharge: even if you have to block time out in your calendar to keep it as yours, it’s worth doing as it means you can continue to be at your best when it really counts.

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