You Really Have to Invest in Digital Marketing and Here’s Why

tips for job huntersGetting your business going requires a lot of planning and work. For instance, starting up would mean not being able to afford a physical location just yet. So you put off plans to make sure you have secured enough money to rent a vacant lot and start operating. But holding up your operations might mean losing the opportunity to target a market that could have benefitted from your product or service when it was a still problem. Now that you are open for business, it would seem another company has taken your place.

We do not want to lose even before we started playing the game, so how are we going to do this if we do not have the funds for a physical location? Well, there is always the Internet and the efforts geared towards raking in customers from it. We are talking about digital marketing, of course. You can find a company that will help you understand online marketing techniques and maximising business content services; and you will see that it is a tried and tested technique that will give positive results.

A lot of small businesses have seen the advantages of investing in digital marketing and having a solid online presence. It would be wise to start looking into it and studying how you can make use of the Internet to your benefit. But to help you understand it more, we have listed down ways on how you can make use of digital marketing to improve your business.

Make sure you have a website

Not a lot of people realise that websites are a very powerful Internet tool. They think having a Facebook or a Twitter is enough to have an online presence. But a well-designed website is what will rank on search engines, one you can manipulate however you can to make sure potential customers can discover you. It should be a treasure trove of information that any social media would not be able to house. You can have a blog on your website along with video demos and company background.

However, content is pretty useless if the design is very meek. Make sure that the design compliments the content, and that navigating the website is intuitive.

Learn about SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an online marketing technique that will help you rank on Google or any other search engine. Involved in this would be optimising your website content by making use of keywords that people would type in a search bar to inquire. If your optimisation techniques are aligned with the best practices, your website will be one of the first ones to appear on the results page.

Have a dialogue with customers

Being active on social media is one way to keep customers interested. But if you really want to retain them and attract more, you will have to engage with them. Discuss with them about the problems or concerns they might be facing that your product or service can help them with. You can ask how you can improve your business, or you can even just choose to say, “Hi”.

Consider email marketing efforts

Contrary to what we believe, people still open their emails. In fact, many opportunities have opened for businesses who continue sending out newsletters and email marketing promos. What you can do is to build an email list through a subscription form that will be available on your website. You can send them weekly updates about your product, or even about the industry. Send them promos and discount deals, and so on.

What we have listed above are sure fire ways to attract and maintain customers. Of course, you have to be proactive when it comes to the Internet because trends can easily come and go. But once you have the hang of it, digital marketing will be a breeze.

Can You Really Make A Living From LuLaRoe?

smile-1485850_1920LuLaRoe began with the stay-at-home mom in mind. But, can you really make a living from it?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has been around for quite some time and is met with different criticisms and feelings. Many view this type of work as controversial, stating it is a borderline pyramid scheme. Despite this, new MLM companies regularly emerge; some successful, some not so much; some ethical, some also not so much. However, this form of direct selling shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

How does MLM work?

Multi-level marketing relies on word of mouth marketing as a primary source of sales. Those with MLMs can sell directly to consumers and recruit associates to be what is known as their downline, who then follow the same process. A multi-level compensation plan is typically also put into place. Examples of MLM businesses include Avon, Nutrilite, Tupperware, and, of course, LuLaRoe.

What is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe (LLR) is one of those MLM companies that began when founder DeAnne Stidham decided to finally start her dream of launching her own clothing line, following previous favorable outcomes in network marketing. According to the LuLaRoe website, DeAnne wanted to share her success with others, while simultaneously uplifting individuals to help them be successful as well. It is this mindset that is attributed to helping the business grow so quickly in such a short amount of time.

You’ve probably seen your Facebook newsfeed filled with women sporting their “LLR,” along with invitations to multiple pop-up sales events. As more of your friends start to dive into LLR as a career, which is roughly an initial investment of $5,000, you might wonder, “Can this really work as an income? With so many people doing it, won’t the market become over-saturated?”

Many argue yes, you can still be successful with this company regardless of the amount of consultants in one area. The main reason LuLaRoe is able to make this work is by providing distributors with different patterns and styles to help draw and maintain sales.

So, does it really work?

In order to see if you really can do this as a source of a full-time income successfully, though, I spoke with a few LLR sellers over the Labor Day weekend. One woman I spoke with just became an associate and sold $500 worth of clothes in her first night. And, two other women in particular, whom I’d like to highlight, turned LuLaRoe into a very lucrative career in less than a year.

In October 2015, neighbors and friends Ashley Adams and Kerrie Butler from Royal Palm Beach, Florida, started their LuLaRoe journey and poured their heart and souls into their new business from day one.

“It was not easy working full-time at our day jobs and then coming home to another full-time shift, but it was certainly worth the return,” Kerrie said. “In a matter of 4 months, I was able to replace my full-time income as a medical professional, a position which I held for 13 years. Ashley was also able to retire from her position as an office manager in the same time frame.”

In addition to this impressive step, the ladies also obtained the title as “coach” in the company, one position away from the top rank of “mentor.”

“We are happy and proud to say that we are both officially full-time LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants.”

The added benefits?

Prior to diving in fully to LLR, both women had set out some big goals for themselves. Along with wanting to replace their income, they wanted to put their children in private schools. Thanks to LuLaRoe, they did both. Not just that, but they were able to pay for their first year in full.


Ashley and Kerrie weaing LuLaRoe. Photo credit: Laurel Serra Photography

“The financial gains have been nothing short of incredible,” Kerrie said.

As for those who may be doubtful, the girls pay no attention to the negativity.

“There will always be naysayers in all aspects of life,” Kerrie added. “The LuLaRoe culture is all about blessing and strengthening families, and that is what we try to share with others.”

The best part about this job? There are so many, they say. These include but not are limited to: Empowering women, bringing mommies home to raise their children, and, one of their favorites, making women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

For those interested in getting started with the business, the ladies are more than willing to talk to anyone to determine if it is a good fit for them. For Ashley and Kerrie, they state that it has blessed their families beyond measure. You can visit their group and become part of their LLR family here.

So, is LuLaRoe for you?

With any opportunity comes risks. And, with any new business venture, hard work and dedication is necessary in order to succeed. Companies like LuLaRoe boast of enabling stay-at-home moms enjoy being a full-time parent, create a stream of revenue and help other women feel beautiful. When looking to become involved in any MLM, however, remember to always do your research on the company, its history and its policies to make sure it is right for you and is ethical. One like LuLaRoe has a mission that goes beyond the income; it is part of a movement.

There have been many entrepreneurs who have started out with MLM, then branched off on their own. Regardless of whether or not you plan to start your own company one day, LuLaRoe seems to be a great way to develop professional skills and make a living, especially if you love fashion.


Tara Covert, LLR distributor, sporting LLR’s “Irma” top.

How to Make A Living As A YouTube Star

make a living from youtube

I previously discussed ways to make money using your personal brand. This week, I want to get a little more specific.

The ever-evolving internet continuously creates new opportunities for people of all ages. From philanthropic efforts to social media management, the world wide web is flowing with money. Being able to make a living from YouTube is just one way to cash in online.

Becoming a YouTube professional is more than about how many times your videos have been watched. Having a million viewers does not equal a paycheck. So, how do you actually make a living from YouTube?

The first thing to know and realize is that there isn’t just one determined avenue that generates money from your videos. While YouTube is now making it easier for individuals to monetize their content, guidelines still need to be followed before you can start making money.

Getting Started

To get started, your channel needs to follow the YouTube Partner Program guidelines to ensure it is eligible. In order to qualify, your content needs to be advertiser-friendly, complies with the terms of service and needs to have the permission of artists to use their music and the like. You can see more details of their Partner Program here.

Once you’ve determined that your channel follows the program guidelines, you can begin to set up your account to make money. There are four steps to take to do this:

  1. Enable your channel for monetization by simply clicking “Enable” under Monetization through the Status and Features section of your account.
  2. Connect to an approved AdSense account. AdSense functions by matching ads to your site based on your followers and content.
  3. Recognize which type of videos that are approved for monetization and upload accordingly. For instance, anything that may contain violence or copyright materials may not be eligible. You can also pick the different YouTube ad formats that are available. If you have a preference across the board, you can set it up to be your default setting.
  4. Decide to enable one or more than one video to include ads. When you upload individual videos, you will select “Monetize my video,” or you can select multiple videos at once to monetize once already uploaded. This can also be set to default settings in your account.

Tips to Be Successful

If a large following does not exist on your account, this should be your primary focus. Here are a few quick tips to grow your following:

  • Focus on the audience first. What do people want to see? Go into your videos knowing that people generally want to be entertained or informed. Create videos based on the consumer first and foremost.
  • Be consistent. If you are irregular about uploading videos, it will be harder for an audience to want to subscribe. Think about your favorite TV show. You expect a new episode to air at certain times once a week, correct? The same practice should be followed for your channel.
  • Be original. If you have an idea for subjects that you’ve never seen before or is not common, consider giving it a  try. Who would have thought that millions of dollars could be generated annually by showing yourself playing video games online and providing commentary? Well, Sweden’s Felix Kjellberg did it.
  • Love what you do and have fun with it. Viewers can tell when you’re being genuine, and to make the best connection with your audience, pick to capture something you love to do. Involve your audience by talking to them not at them. Whether it is making people laugh or crafting, be you. But remember, you need to grab people’s attention quickly so get creative.
  • Create quality videos. Even though some low-quality cell phone clips have pulled in millions of viewers simply because of the content, you’ll want to have higher quality images to improve your YouTube income. Smart phones have improved videos and images over the years, but there are also useful apps to help with editing. Tools like iMovie and Vimeo are great, but YouTube has its own editing tools as well. This basic editor and this one for creatives are just a couple options.

Going Beyond Ads

Relying on only ads will prove to be difficult to make a living from YouTube. Plus, before you can be paid from ads, you have to meet a payment threshold of a $100 minimum.Some of the most successful YouTube stars are able to make a living by going beyond the ads. In addition to monetizing their channel, they create opportunities with brands by featuring their products once they’ve built their online empire (if you will). A few ways to expand your revenue include but are not limited to:

  • Sponsorships. Find your own sponsorship to help alleviate costs of video creation if you are planning on thinking and going even bigger with your content. Bringing on your own sponsors helps to cut out the middle man, bringing in more money to your new-found business venture. The process is not simpler, though, so buyer beware.
  • Merchandise. As you begin to grow a large fan base, you can start to sell your own merchandise. If you already have merchandise or services you sell that you think your audience may be interested in, you can use your channel to promote those as well.
  • Work with brands. Partner with companies and brand names that fit your style and channel. Many brands are often looking for new spokespersons to help promote their products or company name, especially those with a large online following. Do some of your own personal outreach to open up new opportunities for your YouTube career. Try to keep in mind audiences can become discouraged by product placement, so find clever ways to incorporate these into your videos.
  • Do events. As you start to become YouTube famous, you can be hired for speaking events or create your own based around your channel.

In summary, the key to make a living from YouTube is to create quality content, grow your audience and recognize opportunities as they arise while simultaneously producing your own. It’s also important to recognize that high wages as a YouTube star is the exception, not the rule. If you are hoping to turn making videos on YouTube as a full-time career, my recommendation would be to study those who have been able to do it, like this list of 23 YouTube celebrities. 

Regardless, YouTube could still be a great source of secondary income. You just have to play your cards right.