Reason for Optimism: 5 Signs the Economy Won’t Be So Bad in 2020

The United States’ present economic expansion is one of the longest on record. Although its early years were dominated by ongoing fallout from the worst recession in a generation, the 2010s have been marked by near-interrupted economic growth. By and large, the past 10 years have been good to American workers and business owners.

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Earn Extra Money at Home by Selling on the Web

More and more people are looking for unique ways to add a new revenue stream to their income and help them save for retirement.  Selling on the web is becoming a lucrative way to bring home a little extra bacon.

It is quick and easy to sell unwanted items that you have lying around the house, but pretty soon you will run out of things to sell or auction off on the internet.

Many people are now becoming internet entrepreneurs on the side by finding niche products and services to sell online, and some have started a thriving business almost accidentally. Some sell their own crafted creations and others offer their skills online, such as accounting services or content creation.

If you are looking for a way to add a little extra income to help you save for your retirement or even for a little extra money to help make ends meet, you should consider offering products or services online. In this quick guide, we are going to look at some of the things you should know if you are thinking about selling on the web.

Finding Your Niche in the Online Market

If you are planning on running a small online business, you should try and stick to something you know well or have experience in.

There is a lot of competition in every market online, so knowledge truly is power in this arena. Customer service is what makes the difference to an online consumer, so you are going to need to know a lot about your product or service to get the sales you need to be profitable.

Making Sure the Price is Right

The key to making money online is making sure your product or service is profitable. If you are selling a product, whatever it is, consider the costs you need to cover like delivery and even the cost of paying for your customers to return the product if it is unwanted or damaged.

There are tools online that can help make sure you are making a healthy profit on your goods and services so you don’t end up losing money after all your hard work selling on the web.

Setting Up Shop on the Right Site

Auction sites like eBay have always been popular with home sellers, especially if they are selling lots of different types of products to different types of consumers.

If you have a skill to sell, sites like Fiverr allow you to market your skills and talents to people quickly and easily, and if you are crafting something useful and unique you should definitely consider using the site Etsy.

Selling products or your skills online is a fantastic way to earn some extra money for your retirement, a vacation, or even just to help pay the bills.

Millions of people across the world are generating an extra stream of income by selling products from home or offering their services or talents online, and billions of dollars a year are made this way. If you are looking for some extra income, you should consider getting a piece of the action for yourself. Hopefully, this guide has given you the information and inspiration you need to get online and start earning a little extra.

7 Best Retirement Podcasts to Start Tuning in to Today


If you aren’t listening to personal finance podcasts then you’re missing out on some great money education. If you’re interested in early retirement, retiring rich, or simply making the most of your retirement years, then you should be listening to retirement podcasts. Here is a list of seven of the best retirement podcasts on the air today.

1. Personal Profitability

This is a diverse money podcast that covers a variety of topics, several of which relate to retirement. For example, you’ll find a lot of information here about wealth-building, which is key to having a good retirement experience. There are quite a few FIRE episodes. For example, check out 3 Steps to Get Started on Your FIRE Plan. Plus, there are episodes specific to retirement planning. For example, listen to Retirement Planning with Christine Russell. Recent episodes are about half an hour long; older archives are a bit longer.

2. Financial Freedom

If you want to retire early then this is one of the best retirement podcasts for you. Grant Sabatier, author of Financial Freedom and creator of Millennial Money, obtained his own financial freedom by the age of 3o. He shares his own tips and interviews other people about how to achieve the same goal. There are many different approaches to retirement. For example, you can take mini-retirements over time to avoid burnout, which you can learn more about from this episode.

3. Listen Money Matters

This is another of the best retirement podcasts for people focused on retiring early. It’s all about how to earn as much money as possible right now so that you can retire and enjoy your later years work-free. In addition to all of the individual episodes, they’ve curated some of the best information for you into organized playlists. For example, check out Lessons from Self-Made Millionaires or Get Your Cashflow On with real estate investing.

4. Retirement Answer Man

What better place to get your retirement questions answered than from the Retirement Answer Man? With nearly 300 episodes to date, this podcast by Roger Whitney is one of the best retirement podcasts you’ll ever come across. It answers not only basic questions but also really in-depth aspects of retirement. For example, listen to The Pros and Cons of Variable Annuities for retirement. Alternatively, learn about how your personality plays into retirement planning.

5. Rock Your Retirement

The best retirement podcasts aren’t just about how to handle your finances. Instead, they’re also about how to live your best life after your retire. That’s what Rock Your Retirement is all about. Recent episodes include a series on dealing with pain as you age and how to handle the challenges of living in a multi-generational household.

6. NewRetirement

This podcast features interviews with an intriguing array of professional people who share their tips and tricks for maximizing both money and happiness upon retirement. Recent episodes have included interviews with investment entrepreneur Brian Bollinger, personal finance journalist Cameron Huddleston, and former Dwell Magazine CEO Michela Abrams.

7. Retirepreneur

More and more people are retiring from full-time work only to switch over to past-time passion projects that still earn them an income. It’s a great way to embrace retirement without getting bored. This podcast is all about how to make that happen. Specifically it’s about doing part-time consulting work post-retirement. For example, listen to Senior Start-Ups, Side Hustles, & Chat with Dawn Starks.

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