Disney World Has Raised Prices Again: Is It Worth the Extra Money?

Disney World Ticket Prices

In February, the price for tickets to Disney World went up. The move was quiet, as Disney didn’t appear to want to draw much attention to the decision.

However, savvy park-goers and vacation planners took note. And many of them weren’t happy.

But, just because the price is higher doesn’t automatically mean it isn’t worth the trip. If you are wondering whether a visit to Disney World is worth the extra money, here’s what you need to know.

Disney World One-Day Ticket Price Increases

How much of a price increase you experience depends on a few factors. For example, which park you visit plays a role. Generally, one-day admission to the Magic Kingdom is more expensive than for the other parks, like Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The “value” tickets, allowing you to pay less during offseason, are now $109 for one day. The change represents a $2 increase.

However, peak season prices for the Magic Kingdom went up by $5, with a single day pass now costing $129. And, fans of the premium platinum passes saw those tickets go from $779 to $849. Floridians can get discounted platinum passes, but they also say an increase of $50 per pass.

Regular season tickets are $4 more expensive for one day, coming in at $119. Parking will also cost you more, increasing by $2 per day.

Disneyland prices also went up, so the change isn’t only at Disney World.

Multi-Day Disney World Tickets

Ultimately, some believe Disney World’s choice to raise single-day ticket prices is an effort to sell more multi-day passes.

For example, a five-day ticket can cost as little as $79 per day. At the most extreme end, the cheapest 10-day passes cost $44.50 per day.

In the end, you’ll always pay less per day if you choose multi-day tickets. However, not everyone can spend a week at Disney World, so it may be moot for many.

Why Did Prices Go Up?

Precisely why the cost of Disney World tickets went up isn’t entirely clear. However, the theme park saw attendance grow by 6 percent in the most recent quarter. Typically, when demand rises and supply is limited, prices increase.

Additionally, new attractions and revamps of existing features are common expenses for the park. If improving the theme park has become more expensive, adjusting the ticket prices to help offset the burden wouldn’t be unusual.

Is It Worth the Extra Money?

Ultimately, whether a visit to Disney World is worth the extra money is a personal decision. The size of the increases was relatively small, and multi-day passes can lessen the blow. However, those with a tight budget may have a hard time shouldering the expense.

However, there are ways to score discounted tickets. For example, military members can often buy tickets at a lower cost. AAA members can usually score discounts too. So, before you write off the idea of going to Disney World, see if you can land some lower cost tickets. It may make all of the difference when it comes to making a decision.

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