Are Gym Memberships Worth The Cost?

My 30th birthday is fast approaching and though I am super excited (call me weird?) I also feel like I need to close some things out before finishing this decade of my life. One of them being the approximately 15 pounds I’d like to leave in my 20’s. While 15 pounds may not seem like a lot, I’m a small person so I can’t exactly hide my extra weight.

I gained more weight that I was comfortable with in my pregnancy. It started very slow then it seemed all I would need to do was think about food and I would gain weight. I gained about 33 pounds with my pregnancy, all of which I have lost but I was trying to lose 15 to 20 pounds when I found out I was pregnant so now is the time to finally lose them (two years postpartum…).

gym membership worth the money

I’ve always been a casual runner taking it up and putting it down all the time. I enjoy it, when I want to do it. Probably three months of the year I’ll go for runs, usually late September until Christmas time. This helps me take advantage of free fitness. I’ve tried, really tried but I HATE running in the snow/winter/super cold. Loading myself in winter running gear and going outside is not my idea of a good time. Same with summer. I hate running in heat and humidity so if I want to do it these times of year I stick to the treadmill. Though I enjoy running in moments it’s not something I enjoy year-round.

I consider my daily life fairly active which is how I’ve been able to eat what I want for the most part and maintain my weight (and trust me, I indulge). I need to really step it up if I’m going to lose the weight though. My diet is well controlled and from years of following what I eat I know what I can and can’t do to lose the weight I need to up my exercise regime.

I initially was reluctant to look into a gym membership for a lot of different reasons but an opportunity came up to join a local chain for 60% off via my professional association. I decided I was worth the $30 per month and signed up for a three month period. The membership expires the week of my 30th birthday when I hope to report that I’ll be down the 15 intended pounds. If I stick with it in the next three months and get a good groove going I will resign for the year.

Though we’re working towards some pretty lofty financial goals I really hope we don’t miss the $30 per month. Given that this is an unnecessary item in our budget I feel like that is incentive enough to make sure I get my money’s worth out of it, I hate wasting money especially when I have important goals to reach.

Do you have a gym membership? Do you use it or find it to be a waste of money?

12 thoughts on “Are Gym Memberships Worth The Cost?

  1. I have a gym membership, and it’s worth every penny. I have access to indoor basketball, racquetball that I play with my son, countless weight machines and cardio machines that I could never have at home, AND a place to go that both motivates me, and gives me an “oasis” from daily life. Worth. Every. Penny.

  2. Randy says:

    Always keep in mind what your community has to offer. I joined my local city rec which has 2 locations for only $7/month. Even better, one is right next to my office! Less crowded and has all te equipment I need. Definitely keep this in mind before paying $30/month+ for a branded 24 hour, lifetime, etc.

  3. We don’t have a gym membership, but we do have a full gym in our basement. I think it all depends on the person, I prefer to work out at home so that’s why we have it.

  4. I say it depends on how much you are paying per month. $30 is not so bad, but see if you can find a cheaper gym, especially if all you need is cardio equipment. There’s a gym by my house that’s only $10 a month and I know there are plenty of gyms for under $20 (Planet fitness, Crunch, Workout World, etc.) They might not be the best gyms, but they have a lot of cardio equipment and usually not that many guys grunting in front of mirrors.

  5. I think they CAN be worth it if it fits into your budget AND you go! Especially the second one. I would have been perfectly happy not working out at a gym, but I got a great deal to do blogging/video work at this amazing boutique gym so it worked out pretty great, and I go 2-3 times per week.

  6. I signed up for a gym membership last month, but I stopped it because I had a health problem. And now after doing my follow up check up with my doctors, I think I need to go back again to the gym, but I’m planning to do yoga here at home.

  7. I am, irritatingly enough, wasting my $20/month gym membership right now. I haven’t had the motivation to go, and the passive payments make it easy for me to forget I have a membership. I would like to plan ahead better for this upcoming school year, and to hit the gym on my way home from work a few days per week. Since I only teach until 10:40 some days and drive right past my gym, I have no excuses. I’m sure I’ll still find some to make, though.

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