Home Decorating Trends of 2020

A new year and a new decade provide the perfect opportunity to make changes in your life and your home. Perhaps you are looking to update the color palate, add some new art and accents, or undergo a full kitchen remodel. Whether you want to make a bold statement or just do a little sprucing up, let these home decorating trends of 2020 offer some inspiration.

Home Design and Decor Elements

The latest design concept of Biophilia utilizes both human and natural elements. The idea is to make the space feel warm and inviting using sustainable materials. The use of recycled wood and reclaimed pieces also promotes an environmentally friendly home. Organic elements such as wood, stone and metal make it feel relaxed and seem like you are getting back to nature.

Some designers are now leaning away from the minimalist home decorating trends. Maximalism is all about embracing the grandiose. This translates into bright colors and pieces that convey grandeur. Professionals suggest choosing a few  specific pieces to showcase. Otherwise, you home could feel busy or cluttered.

Color Palates and Patterns

The Pantone color of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue. Expect to see designers incorporating this versatile shade of navy into their design elements, fabrics and decor. Navy provides a striking contrast which is another popular home decorating trend for the new year. If Classic Blue seems too strong a choice, the return of earth tones and neutral shades helps create a more subdued and natural ambiance.

Geometric patterns are still very popular, so consider adding them as an accent.  You can easily find fabrics and wallpapers in a variety of patterns. Just be cautious not to overdo it. This may create clashing patterns or optical illusions that induce migraines.

Floral wallpapers and accent walls will also be making resurgence in 2020. These have been around forever, but like other trends this year, it has a modernized twist. There will be larger scale, more vibrant colors, and metallic paper. It will be a particularly fashionable to put in foyers and powder rooms. Try stick-on options if you feel uncertain or unready to commit.

Vintage Home Decorating Trends

Just like fashion, home decorating trends go in cycles. This means your family heirlooms and pieces from the turn of the century are back in style. Furnishings with spindles, spool legs, and imperfect leather are hot ticket items. Other trendy vintage furnishings this year include free-standing claw-foot tubs and canopy beds.

When choosing your décor, think worn and weathered. Designers have a new appreciation of items that looked aged or have a patina. You will find many restored pieces for sale and distressing techniques for those who prefer to do it yourself. Earthenware such as clay, terracotta, and ceramic are another great way to add character to a space. Antique art is also making huge comeback, so keep an eye out for unique artwork to enrich your home.

Whatever your style or taste, this year’s home decorating trends blend the old with the new. It provides the perfect way to display your favorite antiques in a new, bolder light.

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Home Decorating Trends of 2020

Let the home decorating trends of 2020 inspire your next home makeover!


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