How to Design a Chef’s Kitchen at Home

If you’re fantasizing over that celebrity chef kitchen with no expense spared, you can get a taste of what it’s really like by peeking in your favorite magazine. According to Elle Decor, juggernaut chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay has not one, but two kitchens in his Hamptons home. Because who doesn’t need an indoor and outdoor kitchen? Flay’s kitchens also have commercial multi-burner stoves, several ovens and tons of counter space to prep and tables to seat guests who want to devour his food.

But if Bobby Flay is unavailable to both design and pay for a chef’s kitchen in your own home, you can still get the high-end chef’s look for yourself. Here’s how.

Illuminate your senses

A chef’s kitchen needs the right lighting and aesthetic to feel like a high-end and highly productive workspace where you love to cook and entertain. Start with touches like under-cabinet lighting. The sophisticated glow casts light on both your chef’s kitchen and your next culinary masterpiece. Once the task lighting is in place, think overhead lighting with an oversized chandelier. If a skylight or additional window is out of reach, try adding mirrors and a hanging crystal to capture the light and make your kitchen seem bigger than it really is.

Get creative with counter space

The cornerstone of every great chef’s kitchen is plenty of space to work and create. A kitchen redesign with expanding counter space or a new center island is key to giving your kitchen a high-end and roomy look so you can roll up your sleeves and get to work. But there also ways to extend your counter space even if you’re on a budget. Add an oversized cutting board over a sink or across a stovetop to turn into instant counter space. A rolling island can also turn into extra counter space while you’re prepping food and then transformed into a drink station during dinner.

Reimagine your appliances

One oven simply won’t do for chefs at heart. Instead, at least two ovens complete with stovetops and burners are ideal for grandiose cooking. Of course, not everyone has the space and budget for multiple ovens and appliances. Instead, you could invest in a pressure cooker, crockpot, and hot plates to mimic the sensation of more ovens and warmers. And when it comes to the refrigerator and freezer, consider what your true needs are. If you love cooking for a huge group and regularly cook turkeys and large cuts of meat, a deep freezer in the garage or basement might be in order. Or if you prefer shopping on a regular basis and cooking fresh meals, a stand-alone fridge without a freezer could work well in your reimagined chef’s kitchen.

Use the right tools

No matter how you design your chef’s kitchen, you still need the right tools to create the dishes you’ve always dreamed of. From chef’s knives to wooden slotted spoons to food thermometers, outfit your kitchen with all of the tools to make cooking a seamless experience where you can focus on creativity. For an extra splurge, try a food processor or swap out your sink for something deeper to start prepping your favorite veggies and ingredients for your next big meal.

Whether you want to go high end on your at home chef’s kitchen or get creative and frugal, you can start making changes today to create the cooking space you’ve always wanted. From the right lighting to culinary tools, your next night of entertaining is sure to be a game-changer.

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