How to Write an Essay Introduction for Various Essay Formats

An introduction is one of the essential components in essay writing. It is the section that transports a reader from their current world into the writer’s mind. The way a student writer does this determines how convincing their essay turns out.  It is not an easy task but you can find essay writer cheap help online from essay writing platforms. This article also highlights the importance of a good essay introduction and offers tips on writing one.

Importance of an essay introduction

An introduction creates the first impression and lays a foundation for the rest of the paper. It explains the context of the essay and gives readers and an idea of what to expect. To write a winning essay in any format, you have to craft a powerful introduction that not only grabs the attention of a reader but also validates the essay.  A reader can tell if the essay is worth reading by just looking at the introduction. This makes it necessary to invest time in this section for any essay type you wish to write.

Techniques for Essay Introductions

You can use the following techniques to compose a captivating essay introduction:

  • A thought-provoking rhetorical question
  • Statistics on the subject matter
  • An anecdote to grab attention
  • An interesting fact related to the topic

While every introduction has to captivate the reader, you must consider the type of essay when crafting this paragraph. Your wording and flow have to correspond to the format of the essay provided. For instance:

  1. Argumentative essay: In an argumentative essay, your goal is to present an argument and win over the reader. In the introduction, you have to state your stand and present your argument before going to the supporting facts. You should give a thesis statement on your essay to prepare the reader for the arguments in the rest of the paper.
  2. Persuasive essay: Like the argumentative essay, a persuasive paper is about moving readers to side with your opinion. From the start, you have to state your stand openly and lay a foundation for the paper. Your attitude towards the subject must come out clearly to persuade the reader.


Image 1: A student writing an essay. A winning introduction leads

  1. Compare and Contrast Essay: In this essay format, you have to present two subjects which you plan to compare or contrast. You should also show the importance of discussing the similarities or differences of the mentioned subjects to capture the attention of a reader.
  2. Narrative essay: In this essay type, you are about to tell a story and you should set a suspense-ridden foundation. A good narrative essay leaves the reader yearning for more action and you should be careful not to lay everything bare at this point.
  3. Expository essay: In this type of essay, you give an estimation of the subject from your point of view. In the introduction, you have to show the importance of the subject and the need for an exposition of the subject. You must convince the reader that you have enough knowledge of the subject to assess the subject.

Go on and craft a winning introduction for your essay using these tips.

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