Funeral Choices: Preparing For Unexpected Costs

shopping-2163323_640The death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic events we will ever suffer in life. Whether the passing occurs suddenly or after a long illness, be the loss a close family member, partner, child, relative or close friend the depth of sadness is almost immeasurable. As a friend once said, if you’ve lost a loved one “you have joined a club you never wanted to belong to”.

During the grieving process it almost feels like you are walking slowly in quicksand. You are numb and in a fog, struggling to even complete normal easy tasks. Even if you prepared for the loss the hollowness casts a shadowed light on life and you have to now walk through life in a new reality of loss, in a new world.

In the midst of the shock of losing someone it is often very difficult to make informed and sensible decisions about funeral services and to decide on how to handle these unexpected costs. It is much better to pre-plan and prepare for funeral costs.

Evaluating Funeral Choices in Advance

A person may choose to specify their funeral details in advance and can even pre-pay for all expenses. This is often done via insurance that is sold by the funeral home but the insurance policies typically have multi-year payment requirements and in total are very expensive.

Consumer advocates suggest pre-arranging your funeral without pre-paying for the event. If you choose this path be sure to visit multiple funeral homes before selecting the service that is right for you. It is estimated that 87 percent of people visit only one funeral home before making a choice and thus pay too much. Funeral costs will be dramatically lower if you choose between different funeral home offers and plans.

Costs of funeral can differ greatly between a traditional funeral and a funeral where the deceased chose cremation. Since personal opinions vary greatly, it would be very helpful to those left behind if they knew exactly what the individual preferred. By making funeral arrangements in advance, you relieve people of agonizing decisions about how to proceed and which choices to make.

Honoring the Deceased

One of the most respectful ways you can honor the individual who has passed on is to have a beautiful headstone if they are buried in a cemetery. There are a wide range of headstones available that will provide a lovely memorial that will pay tribute to your loved one for years to come. As relatives, loved ones and dear friends visit the gravesite in years to come they will truly appreciate the thought that went into selecting a headstone that is classy and shows true caring for the one who has passed on.

It is also important to spend time and effort creating a heartfelt obituary that celebrates the life of the person who has passed. Even in this difficult moment of loss it is helpful to remember that life is a celebration and to highlight the unique character of the deceased.

If you would like to make a difficult time much easier for your loved ones, it is best to pre-arrange your funeral and to prepare for funeral costs. Doing this will truly lift a difficult burden from those who remain behind.

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