Financial 3×5 Card to Book – All The Financial Info You Need

What if you could learn everything you need about finance in less than 10 minutes?

Well, according to University of Chicago professor Harold Pollard, everything that you need to know about money can fit on a simple 3×5 card.  Pollard was chatting with journalist Helaine Olen about how necessary most of the financial planning industry is when Olen challenged Pollard to put everything down on paper.  He did…and it went viral.  Pollard had since published an entire book with Olen that further discusses the card.

Why would this be important to you? Because instead of paying for a financial advisor this 3×5 card has all the information you’ll need.

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Realistic and No-Nonsense Methods of Making Money Online

There are several ways for making money. Business, service, 9-5 in an office, or the Internet. This niche platform in itself offers colossal opportunities for anyone, irrespective of age. There are lots of tips and secrets floating around the cyber-sphere, but not everything works. We are about to unravel the realistic no-nonsense sure-shot ways of making money online. With these tips you will be glad you took a few minutes of your precious time to go through. Now you might be wondering, how can I make it happen? Here’s how you can do it:

Write a book and sell it online

If you have a passion for writing and are not able to find the publisher who sees the talent in you, ditch him. Stop supplicating him! There is a better way. Write your own e-book. Be sure to go through it and first send the copies out to friends and family. Seek their honest opinion about what they liked and what they did not like about your book. Take suggestions positively. Once you make the necessary changes you are ready to publish.

The next step would be to find a publisher. For a beginner we would suggest the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform. It is free, and anyone can register with Amazon Kindle. Kindle though very popular, targets only it’s Kindle readers. Your market is limited. If you are looking for a bigger platform, consider looking at publishing services providers like Lulu, Booktango, and Smashboards.

Publishing is free on these platforms and in addition to that, they offer you services like marketing and editing for a nominal fee. If you feel a little adventurous you can publish it yourself. You can choose any one of the conversion software’s like Caliber or Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert your files into EPUB format for free. However, we’d like to caution you – beware of piracy when you are self-publishing.

Use The Existing Websites

If writing is not your forte, no big deal. There are several websites that allow you to market virtually anything. For starters, eBay is convenient and a popular portal. You can sell anything thing newly created or used on eBay. The registration is free, but you will have to pay a nominal commission for every sale you make. There are other interesting niche platforms that might interest you. If you have an eye for designs and some graphic design skills, Café Press is a good place to showcase your talent. You don’t need to get into the hassles of printing, warehousing and customer service.  Your creative designs can be sold online by Café Press. You earn a commission everytime they sell your design. It’s a great way to keep the money coming.

Become a blogger

Blogging is a great way to put some valuable soul-searching content out for everyone to benefit. Start writing your own blogs. Good content generates interest and traffic. Marketing and brand companies are always looking out for sites that generate a lot of interest. You can sell a part of your webpage to these companies for their advertisements. The income is good and regular.

Google AdSense allows website owners to make money by placing targeted ads on their site. Registration is simple, fast and free. Bloggers can also partner up for affiliate marketing. It is a fast picking concept that complements the blog site and gets the interested surfers in touch with the right brand. Be choosy about partnering with affiliates. Your content is what gets you your readers trust. Everytime someone buys a product or service through your brand, you make money. But, remember, the brand must complement your writing. Irrelevant or unrelated brands don’t fetch money and your patrons may lose respect for your writing.

Take up freelance writing

Make money from writing about topics that interest you. It is great way for stay-at-home moms or anyone interested in writing. is a great platform if you don’t know how to begin. Blogging is a great way to make some extra money from home. Do not underestimate the power of blogging. Methodical and consistent bloggers have reported earning more than $200,000 a year. Now isn’t that something?  However, this takes time and patience.

Become a webinar trainer

This is celebrated as one of the most lucrative venues to make an insane amount of money online. Market experts predict, if you are good enough to conduct a webinar every single week for a whole year, you are sure to rake in a million dollars by the end of it – so rewarding is its potential. For starters you need to have your own website and good social media networking. If you are keen on starting one yourself try GoToWebinar. It’s a great platform that can help your research, focus on content and target your audience. Most GoToWebminar clients have reported over 25% more quality leads than other webinar platforms.

Concluding Remarks

Remember only selling makes money. We are not talking about selling only goods or services. We are talking about selling your talent to the right channel. If you are good at something, you better get paid for it.


Financial Tips for Live-in Couples

Financial Tips for Couples

Financial Tips for Couples

Just because you don’t have a marriage license together doesn’t mean you do not need financial tips as a couple.

When you make the exciting (yet scary) decision to move in with your partner, it needs to be about more than just sharing a home; it needs to be about sharing your financial goals as well.

Deciding to co-exist with your significant other in one space is a big step in the relationship, which is why money needs to be a topic of discussion before knowing where the couch is going to be located in the living room.

Financial tips for couples can be missed among all the other advice being provided by friends and family on how to keep the love alive in a long-term relationship or what to expect when cohabitating. But, here are some simple things to consider as you begin to move forward together:

Be transparent about your finances. 

Don’t wait until after a marriage proposal or, worse, after the wedding to discuss your finances with one another. If you want to build a long-lasting healthy relationship, you should talk about your debts, financial goals, savings, assets and the like so that you can start things off on the same page. You may want to go as far as sharing your credit score. This is often needed prior to renting a home or apartment anyway.

Take care of your own debts. 

Unless discussed for special circumstances or confirmed future goals, you should strive to always cover your own debts. Having your partner cover the costs of your financial obligations can cause some serious issues. Have you ever heard that money is one of the biggest causes of break-ups? That statement exists for a reason. Discuss your monetary goals with one another but also create your own together. This can help to determine when it would be necessary to help cover debts in the relationship that aren’t yours.

Know how the household expenses will be split. 

Being aware of one another’s income and debts will also be helpful in knowing whether a certain space is right for you as a couple. If there is concern there may be resentment if one is paying more than the other, choose another space that won’t put a strain on anyone’s bank account. If actually purchasing a home together, be sure to put both of your names on everything so that responsibility does not fall all on one or the other in the relationship just in case a break-up were to occur.

Because my boyfriend and I are only leasing an apartment, we found what would be easiest for us would be for him to pay the rent and I would cover the household bills. Over the last three years of living together, we have worked hard at really building a team setting.. If we need groceries and he is out and about, he will pick them up. We do, though, tend to go together so that we can split this cost 50/50. Our house is not just somewhere we sleep at night; it’s our home that we’ve built together, even if it is a lease.

Overall, it is all about maintaining that open communication and applying financial tips that make sense for you and your relationship.

Are you taking that big step with your partner? What challenges have you faced or overcome financially together?