Was My Temporary Gym Membership ‘’Worth It’’?

Two months ago I decided to sign up for a gym membership under a discount my professional association offers. I was looking forward to working out again, beyond my normal walks. I was also looking to lose some weight and thought it would give me a little “me” time.

The membership followed my association’s fiscal year which was November to November. When I signed up in August I was only committing to three months. Enough time to try everything out, see if it would work with my schedule and if it would be worth investing in for the full year come November.

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I admit going into this trial period I had my doubts. I have a very tight schedule and the only time I can go to the gym would be when my daughter was in bed at night or when I could manage to get away on the weekends. I also had to factor in when my husband is away for work and if I’m being honest the nights I just can’t or simply don’t want to go (we all have them). In order to make it ‘’worth’’ my money I wanted to get to the gym a minimum of three times per week.

Getting to the gym three times per week was really difficult. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, or wasn’t trying to I just found it hard. More nights than not, kiddo wouldn’t go to bed on time and by the time I finally got her down and was dressed to go it would be 9pm. Given that the gym starts it’s shut down at 945 and I have a 10 minute drive there, I wouldn’t go. Not only do I not want to be super rushed or pressed for time with my workout I don’t want to be full of energy come 10pm. It takes me a solid one to two hours to wind down after I workout.

And so, I have decided to not renew my membership. It found it to not be something conducive to my lifestyle right now. Though I really enjoy it when I’m there I can’t justify the money if I only get there one to two times per week.

I don’t consider it a total waste of money though. First I did lose weight. Though I account my eating to be most of the reason, working out certainly helped. The times I was able to get there allowed me to figure out what I like and what I don’t like. I enjoy cardio and though there are machines like over others I think I’m fine using the treadmill. We have a decent treadmill at home that I have come to accept will be my main cardio input when getting outside isn’t possible. I also discovered I really like the kettlebell. I have a few free weights and never paid much attention to the kettlebell but when I finally gave it a shot I really liked it. Given that I already own a treadmill and some free-weights I think instead of renewing my membership I will buy a kettlebell that I can use at home.

Sometimes we need to spend money to figure things out. Though I do enjoy going to a gym this isn’t the time in my life when it is worth the money. When our daughter is a little bit older and we’re not working so hard (to pay our debt off) I will invest in a membership again but for now my workouts will be at home.

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6 thoughts on “Was My Temporary Gym Membership ‘’Worth It’’?

  1. My kids are older now, so getting to the gym is a bit easier….I remember the challenges of finding time to workout when kids are young. They don’t necessarily have day care at the gym, and if they do the kids don’t necessarily want to go. I ended up working out at home while my kids napped – It was a challenge to find ways to workout at home….but you do what you have to do, right?

  2. I agree with you. When I was still a new member, the excitement was there. I never failed to meet my schedules. But, because of work and kids, I barely hit the gym. I still want to go back to my routine that’s why I bought a pair of dumbbells and some exercise equipment, which I believe will suffice.

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