The Perfect Non-Traditional Housewarming Gift

Quite a few of my friends are in the process of buying their first home. Most of my friends had everything you could possibly imagine before they move into their home either because they’ve already lived together in a rental, received as wedding gifts or, like us, had been collecting for years prior to.

non traditional housewarming gifts



Welcoming someone into their new home is still a common practice through traditional housewarming parties or kitchen parties but it can be tough to come up with a gift idea especially if you’re unsure about what they may already have. Here are a few housewarming gift ideas, mostly non traditional, that will be a sure hit:

Stock their pantry

I have to be honest I had never heard of this until a few years ago when friends of mine went to a ”stock my pantry” party and really it makes great sense. It can be anything from herbs and spices to buying all the ingredients for bake your favorite cookie when they break in their new-to-them oven. Buying things for their pantry is a great and thoughtful gift that will be sure to get used. Bonus if you add your favorite recipes for the ingredients given!

Outdoor ”stuff”’

Moving from an apartment (or maybe mom and dads) into a property with a yard to care for often requires things you don’t necessary think of when moving day comes. Things that may get overlooked, but likely needed, could be things such as shovels, rakes, hoses, lawncare equipment, garbage cans or watering cans. Though none of these may be very ”fun” per se, they’re super practical and will get used! You will be thanked some first snowfall when they realize they don’t have to ask a neighbor or go to the store to get the driveway cleared.


For the first Christmas in our home, my in-laws gave us fire extinguishers. Something I totally hadn’t thought of when we bought our home and can’t believe we didn’t have one! We now have four strategically placed around the house and it gives me peace of mind in case of an emergency. Another options may be something small like batteries for home detection devices or a new outdoor security light. These are all things that, when you’re buying and moving into your first home, you simply don’t think of.


Though giving a plant is probably as cliche as you can get, it’s still a classic. Give them a tree or shrub they can plant as a memory or a plant that they can enjoy such as a tomato plant. Even a simple bouquet is always well received. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

Gifts are never a necessity especially if they’re someone who seemingly has everything but it’s always nice to have an idea in your back pocket if you ever feel like you want to buy a gift and are stuck for ideas!


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Non-Traditional Housewarming Gift

  1. I just got my real estate license, and my plan is to have a “spaghetti basket” waiting for clients who buy homes from me. A pot big enough to cook spaghetti in, a box of spaghetti, a jar of sauce, garlic bread and a bag of broccoli in the freezer, italian sausage from the local grocery in the refrigerator. I also plan on having a gift basket filled with all local products (think soap, greeting cards, coffee) to welcome them to their new city. A few small denomination gift cards to local places would be a great gift, too.

    • I didn’t think it was a north American thing…I mean are you any less prone you your house burning down than I just because we’re om different continents? I always had one growing up. They’re not big and fit in a cupboard.

  2. I love the fire extinguisher gift idea! My co-workers just moved into a new home and my go-to ideas (plants and food) don’t work with such picky eaters and black-thumbed people. Thanks for the tip.

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