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transforming your businessThese are uncertain times for businesses. While the UK might have voted to leave the European Union, it’s yet to be seen exactly what Brexit will mean. It seems likely that exporting goods to Europe, and sharing expertise with our neighbours is going to become more difficult and expensive, and there is a risk that citizens of other European nations who have come to live and work in the UK under the Freedom of Movement principles underpinning the EU will be forced to leave. Neither the UK Government nor the European Parliament is able to give any firm guidance about the conditions businesses will be working with within only 18 months.

As such, it seems likely that many businesses are going to have to make short term changes over the next two years at least to find other markets to trade with, other sources of skilled workers and to reduce costs to weather this period of uncertainty. Making such serious changes to a business is a skill in itself, which unfortunately few get to practice outside a period of crisis.

Use Skilled Help

Fortunately, people do specialise in change management, and more helpfully for you, recruitment firms specialise in finding them. Companies like Savannah Interim are focused on building networks of skilled Interim workers who have long histories of guiding businesses through periods of change, and helping them realign.

This is also a better solution than taking on new long term staff to handle a change as, as long as the business changes are successful and timely, the new staff will find themselves obsolete within a matter of months. As Andrew Watts puts it “The flexibility of an Interim solution should mean less risk for the client”. Part of the attraction of hiring Interim specialists is that, as well as their expertise, it’s part of the deal that you only need to retain their services as long as they are needed.

While you might pay a high price for their specialised skills, hiring specialist staff to help guide your business through a difficult period is an investment which will pay dividends if you make it through this troubled time and emerge stronger than your competitors. Ignoring this cost is a false economy that could cost far more than the quote for the services of Interim staff, to the level that your business may not survive.

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