Best US Cities for Finding a Job in 2018

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Whether you are looking for a fresh start or can’t seem to land a job in your current city, relocating can be an excellent option. It gives you a chance to explore a new job market while experiencing a change of scenery.

But, before you hit the road, you need to make sure that your destination is overflowing with opportunity.

The website WalletHub compared 180 cities from across the US, focusing on 26 key indicators that reflect job-market strength. Everything from starting salaries to the number of opportunities to employment growth was examined, with each city receiving a score.

Since finding a job is the primary focus, “job market” and “socio-economics” ranks are part of the equation. The job market category factors in the number of opportunities, employment growth, unemployment rates, industry variety, and many more points. Socio-economics covers incomes, commute times, housing affordability, transportation costs, and similar points.

With that in mind, here are some of the best US cities for finding a job in 2018, along with their scores.

Chandler, Arizona

The city of Chandler came out on top. It achieved a job market rank of 3 and socio-economics rank of 9. For a total score, Chandler received a 67.66.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Coming in close behind Chandler was Scottsdale, which achieved a total score of 66.29. The city’s hit number 5 for their job market and number 3 for their socio-economics.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco remains hot in the job market category, coming in at number 2. However, the socio-economic score was 43. Ultimately, a total of 66.06 put the city in third, showing that it is a strong option.

Peoria, Arizona

Taking the number 1 spot in the job market rankings was Peoria, who came in 56th in the socio-economics category. The city’s total score was 65.86, placing them firmly in fourth place.

Gilbert, Arizona

The fourth Arizona city in the top five, Gilbert has a total score of 65.35, with job market and socio-economics scores of 4 and 34, respectively.

Plano, Texas

With a total score of 64.69, Plano came in sixth. The city has a job market rank of 6 and a socio-economics score of 16.

Portland, Maine

Portland main ranks number 10 in the job market category and 12 for socio-economics. The city’s total score was 63.06.

Are These the Only Cities for Finding a Job in 2018?

If none of these cities appeal to you, all is not lost. While many areas didn’t make this list, that doesn’t mean opportunity isn’t out there too.

However, some areas are notably struggling, so finding opportunities there may be tough. For example, the bottom five cities on the WalletHub list were: Birmingham, Alabama; Columbus, Georgia; Newark, New Jersey; Detroit, Michigan; and Shreveport, Louisiana.

Before you relocate, do some research into your preferred areas to see what kinds of opportunities they may hold. In most cases, you’ll be able to find something that will give you an indication as to the strength of the job market.

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