Vanna White’s Richer Than Pat Sajak! 20 Surprising Facts About the Wheel of Fortune Host

Growing up, Vanna White’s cheerful goodnight marked the end of my evenings. As a staple of “Wheel of Fortune,” her unique charm and playful demeanor made every episode special. Here are the most surprising facts about Vanna White that even her biggest fans might not know.

She Was a Struggling Actress Before Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White’s journey into the spotlight began with her aspirations to become a fashion model. Before becoming a household name, she made her first significant television appearance as a contestant on “The Price Is Right” in 1980, which marked the start of her rise to fame.

A Wardrobe of Over 7,800 Outfits

Throughout her tenure on “Wheel of Fortune,” Vanna White has showcased over 7,800 different outfits, none of which she has kept. Designers send samples to the studio for her to wear during filming, which are returned afterward. However, the shoes and earrings she wears are from her personal collection.

She Is Not a Fan of Every Look

Despite the variety and flair of her on-screen wardrobe, Vanna admits she doesn’t love every outfit she wears. She understands the diverse tastes of the millions watching and aims to please a broad audience, even if it means wearing something that isn’t her personal preference.

Record-Breaking Clapper

Vanna White holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Frequent Clapper” on television. Her role on “Wheel of Fortune” has led her to this unique title, thanks to the countless episodes she’s appeared in.

Honored with a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

In recognition of her contributions to the entertainment industry, Vanna White was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006, cementing her status as a television icon.

She Was Adopted

Born Vanna Marie Rosich, White was adopted by her stepfather, Herbert Stackley White Jr., at the age of two after her biological father left. She took his surname and maintained a close relationship with him throughout her life, cherishing their daily conversations.

She Has Only Repearted an Outfit Once

In a surprising twist for fans, Vanna White wore the same outfit twice in September 2020, breaking her nearly 40-year streak of never repeating a look on the show. For fashion enthusiasts, the show maintains a Pinterest page dedicated to her extensive wardrobe.

She Has Been on Wheel of Fortune for 40 Years!

Vanna began her iconic role on “Wheel of Fortune” 40 years ago, alongside Pat Sajak. Their chemistry and dynamic have become a beloved part of the show, with Vanna describing their relationship as a brother-sister dynamic that has contributed to their long-running success.

She Loves Classic Cars

Beyond television, Vanna White is an avid car enthusiast with a collection that includes a 1957 Thunderbird and a 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. Her passion for classic cars is a lesser-known yet significant aspect of her personal life.

She Is a Fashion Entrepreneur

Expanding her influence into the fashion industry, Vanna White launched her own line of clothing, the “Vanna White Collection.” This line features affordable and stylish designs, allowing fans to embrace a piece of her style in their everyday lives.

A Polyglot and Sign Language Communicator

Vanna White’s linguistic abilities extend beyond English. She is fluent in Spanish and proficient in sign language, enhancing her ability to connect with a diverse audience.

She Made a Huge Mistake on the Show Once

In a rare on-air gaffe back in 1997, Vanna White turned the wrong letter, which led to the entire puzzle being discarded. Since then, she hasn’t physically turned any letters; instead, the puzzle board has been technologically advanced to allow for automatic reveals.

Her Annual Salary

Though historically earning less than her co-host, Vanna White’s salary saw a significant increase in 2023 when she re-signed as the co-host of “Wheel of Fortune.” While exact figures remain undisclosed, it’s clear that her compensation reflects her invaluable contribution to the show.

A Staggering Net Worth

Vanna White’s financial acumen has earned her a net worth of approximately $85 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This impressive figure is due to her longstanding role on “Wheel of Fortune,” smart real estate investments, and other business ventures.

Earning Per Episode

“Wheel of Fortune” tapes intensively, with six episodes filmed each day over four days per month, totaling 288 episodes annually. Based on her salary, Vanna earns roughly $10,416.67 per episode, translating to $62,500 for each day of filming.

Wealthier Than Her Co-Host

Despite Pat Sajak’s higher annual salary, Vanna White’s diverse investments and assets have placed her net worth above his, with White estimated at $85 million compared to Sajak’s $70 million.

A Savvy Real Estate Investor

Before it became a trend, Vanna White was flipping houses. Her real estate ventures are not just profitable but also reflective of her forward-thinking approach to investments.

Crafting a Yarn Empire

Vanna White has parlayed her love for crochet into a successful business venture. She is the face of Vanna’s Choice line of Lion Yarn, inspired by her passion for crafting, which she shares with her daughter.

Bestselling Author

In 1987, Vanna White captured the public’s imagination with her memoir, “Vanna Speaks,” which quickly climbed onto the bestsellers list. The book not only revealed her life story but also added a considerable amount to her financial portfolio.

A Heart for Philanthropy

Vanna White is deeply committed to charity, having donated $1.8 million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She plans to continue her philanthropic efforts, particularly after her tenure on “Wheel of Fortune” ends.

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