Want to Increase Your WFH Productivity? Invest In Yourself

This year’s unprecedented events spawned what many are calling a new work-from-home economy. In 2019 just 18 percent of workers across the world worked remotely full-time, according to The Global State of Remote Work from Owl Labs. And while remote work has certainly been on the rise over the last decade, we’ve seen an incredible jump this year as employers around the world have pivoted in response to the coronavirus pandemic. New research from Stanford shows that 42 percent of the American workforce is now working from home. 

However, working from home has its challenges. New research out of Stanford shows that many people are struggling with productivity in a work-from-home environment. Stanford surveyed a group of managers, financial workers, and professionals who can work from computers at home and found that just 51 percent felt that they could work from their home at an efficiency rate of 80 percent of more. Distractions include having to work from a bedroom, working in a shared room with a partner or spouse, and having a poor internet connection that cannot support teleconferencing.  

This new work-from-home economy will certainly take some getting used to. However, there are a number of ways that you can improve your work-from-home productivity, all while investing in yourself. 

Have a Seat in An Ergonomic Chair 

That’s right, you can do so much better than your sofa. Have a seat in an ergonomic chair and watch your productivity  soar. Ergonomics in the workplace have not only been linked to improved productivity but an ergonomic chair can lead to better posture overall, which means fewer aches and pains later.  

Upgrade Your Router

Are you having trouble connecting with your coworkers via video call? It may be time to update your router. While replacing your router is the most effective way to improve your speed, be sure that your router is not hidden in a closet and is placed in a central and prominent position in your home. According to tech experts, physically moving your router can make a serious difference when it comes to Internet speed and wireless transmission reach. 

Protect Your Identity 

Life is full of distractions. And let’s be honest, right now we don’t need any more. Everyday distractions like Netflix and unfinished chores around the house can take you away from your work and make your productivity suffer. And so can much bigger, security-related issues. Take action to have ID theft prevention measures on all of your devices to this potential distraction and make the most out of working remotely. This will help you to access sensitive information safely, all while avoiding the time-consuming task of dealing with identity theft. 

Wear Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Wearing a pair of specially-crafted lenses called blue light blocking lenses might just result in a better night’s rest. The blue light emitted by smartphones and computer screens can disrupt the circadian rhythm, your body’s natural sleep cycle.  And when you sleep better, you wake refreshed and ready for the day ahead. So go ahead and give blue light-blocking glasses a try

We’re all still getting used to this new work from home economy. From ergonomic chairs and blue light blocking glasses to making your internet faster and protecting your identity online, these investments in yourself can help to boost your productivity while working from home.

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