What Are Some Ecommerce Trends We Can Expect to See?

If you are running an ecommerce venture, you should be aware of how important it is to keep up with the trends. The slightest change in the industry could snowball, and failing to adapt to the changes can be the difference-maker between success and failure.


Your competitors will not wait for you to catch up. You have to be at the top of the game. There are new developments in a lot of different areas of ecommerce. If you want to continue having a sustainable business and even take it to another level, here are some trends you need to look forward to in the next couple of years.

Trend #1 – Print on Demand

It would not be a stretch to say that more and more print on demand products are being made. People are interested in wearing custom-made merchandise, such as t-shirts or hoodies. Accessories like bags are also popular. And then there is stuff like bags and keychains. 

This kind of merchandise can be used as an additional means to increase revenue. Or, you can add them as gifts for the sake of advertising. Customers will show up wearing a t-shirt with your logo or use other products, like pens or phone cases

The bottom line is that you can create and sell products with print on demand or develop a marketing strategy around this kind of merchandise. Raising brand awareness is an element that quite a few businesses underestimate.

Trend #2 – Voice Commerce

Smart devices make our lives simpler. We can create a system that can be controlled with just voice commands. So it is no surprise that there is a demand for voice commerce. Customers are looking to do their shopping by telling the device what they need.

Some would call this kind of behavior lazy, but the reality is that the convenience of the method is bound to attract even more people giving voice commerce a try.

Stores that will fail to adjust and grab market share of voice commerce are bound to lose out on a lot of potential customers. 

Trend #3 – Google Marketplace

It should not come as a surprise that Google is starting its own marketplace. The platform is used by mllions of people every day, so it was only a matter of time. And Google is certainly not the only popular site that is looking to do the same. Social media platforms, Facebook, most notably, are also looking to develop a marketplace that will bring them even more profits than usual.

Trend #4 – Virtual Reality

Virtual reality might have been something futuristic a while ago, but things have changed recently. Now, there are VR centers that provide entertainment to those willing to try it.

But as far as ecommerce goes, brands that invest in virtual reality will gain a lot. It is no secret that the inability to check products is one of the biggest disadvantages of shopping online. A lot of people are reluctant to spend money if they are not uncertain about how something looks or feels. They need that first-hand experience. 

Trend #5 – SMS Marketing

Text messages might not be something that we usually associate with marketing methods. It is messages that we expect to hear from our friends and family, or maybe when there is a new package coming our way.

However, it seems that more and more brands are trying to create a campaign that will attract people to their store with SMS. After all, most people look at the text they receive immediately. This kind of behavior is understandable, as something important might have happened, and we want to find out about it immediately.

One thing to note, though, is that sending too many messages is not recommended. If you annoy your contact list, it will not take too long before they simply block you. 

Trend #6 – Influencers

The popularity of influencers will continue to grow. It seems that an average person is more likely to trust a celebrity that he or she follows rather than a big corporation. Influencers can leverage their audiences and make money by promoting various products and services.

You need to get in touch with a few reliable influencers and start working with them. Make sure that they have the right demographics. And do not abandon them after a few promotional posts or shoutouts. If they are useful, nourish the relationship because finding another influencer that offers as much value can be too difficult.

Trend #7 – Chatbots

Chatbots are not advanced enough that they could replace real humans quite yet. However, it is only a matter of time before we see most online stores using chatbots for customer support.

Immediate responses and 24/7 availability are big advantages. And there is no need to hire and pay real people, meaning that you save some money on salaries.

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