Handheld Fans and Misters That Actually Work

Handheld fans and misters that don't fall apart

You might discredit them as too flimsy but there’s a very specific use case for handheld fans and misters: When you’re stuck somewhere without any other way to cool off.

For instance: Outdoors without a breeze, shade or a body of water to jump into. Or,  indoors without any circulation, like during a power failure that effectively shuts down your air conditioning and any fan that plugs into the wall.

In these types of situations, this type of battery-operated handheld might even bring you back from the brink of heat stroke or even dehydration.

That said, not all battery-operated fans and misters are dependable; some don’t last long before falling apart.
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5 Tips for How to Save Money on Utilities in the Summer


The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and people everywhere are starting to kick on their air conditioning to battle the rising temperatures. Depending on where you live, utility costs can skyrocket during the summer, seriously straining your budget, with this in mind; here are 5 tips for how to save money on utilities in the summer.

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