Affordable Romance: The Best Frugal Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

frugal date ideas

Frugal date ideas have a bad reputation. Even money-conscious people tend to buy into the myth that if their partner doesn’t splurge on them for Valentine’s Day, then they don’t really love them. It’s ridiculous, of course. The amount you spend doesn’t say anything about the amount you love.

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Ask the Millennials: Today’s Hottest Stock Options

hottest stock options

What are today’s hottest stock options? If you look at the traditional market, you will get one answer. However, if you ask the millennials, you might get a completely different answer. Research indicates that this generation has specific tendencies when it comes to investing, and they don’t always match long-standing market advice. Anyone interested in investing in today’s hottest stock options should take a look at what the millennials are doing.

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