So, we looked around and gathered up some of the best tools that will help you manage your money.

Free Credit Scores

Two great free credit score sources on the web.

Investment and Budgeting Tools

Here are good investing and budgeting tools to help you keep track of your finances.

Web Based Calculators

Free saving and Financial Independence Early Retirement (FIRE) web based calculators you can use anytime.

Downloadable Software

Helpful software packages you can download and use. These are also free.

Personal Finance Forums

It’s reassuring to know that there are communities that support you in your financial goals. These two communities are some of the best on the web.

Personal Finance Blogs

There a number of good personal finance blogs out there. Here are some to start with.

Dual Income No Kids – This is a classic site for two income couples.

Kid Wealth & Lazy Man and Money – The chronicles of a midwestern guy as he raises children and makes money.

Get Rich Slowly – This is one of the internets longest running classic personal finance sites.

Personal Finance Books

A few of our personal finance favorites.

themillionairenextdoorThe Millionaire Next Door – Find out the common traits of people who acquired wealth through the years and how you can be like them. Be one of the millions whose lives were changed by this personal finance favorite. Click here to get the book.



thetotalmoneymakeoverThe Total Money Makeover – A step by step program that gives your finances the overhaul it deserves. Focusing on the basics, avoiding debt, saving money and paying off one’s mortgage are the main topics the book tackles. Click here to get a copy.



richdadpoordadRich Dad Poor Dad – Based on the life of personal finance guru, Robert Kiyosaki, and his experiences as he grew up with his two fathers.  The book’s core concept is that the rich gained success by investing in cash producing assets using tax shelters. It’s on sale so get a copy now.




the4hourworkweekThe 4-hour Workweek – This book shows a revolutionary way of managing your time by cutting down your work hours into minutes without compromising your effectiveness. Click here to find out more.



richestmanbabylonThe Richest Man in Babylon – Save a portion of your income, know what your needs are, and improve your income streams are just a few of the topics you will find in this book in very simple language. Click here to find out more.




thinkandgrowrichThink and Grow Rich – One of the highly recommended books in the personal success category. This book contains interviews of 500 of the greatest tycoons, businesspersons and visionaries. Get a copy now.



freakonomicsFreakonomics – Although this book is not finance related, the concepts you will find will help you think in economic terms which is essential to investors and people who dream of financial success. Grab a copy here.



theautomaticmillionaireThe Automatic Millionaire – David Bach shows you how to automate your finances in order to reach financial freedom. Click here to find out more.




richhabitsRich Habits – Habits build overtime. According to author Tom Corley, staying focused on your goals, not wasting time, taking care of your physical fitness and counting calories are just some of the things you can do to walk the same path as the ones who made riches. Click here for more.




The intelligent investorThe Intelligent Investor – If you plan to get serious about investing then this will be your “bible”. It introduces “value investing” where stocks are traded for less than the intrinsic value they have. Click here to add this to your library.