Finances and Work-Family Balance

work-family balance

Work-family balance is an important thing. Most people need to work to be able to support their families. Many people enjoy working and thrive through their work. However, work can take too much time and energy away from the family. Striking a balance is challenging.

Work-Family Balance and Quality of Life

One 2002 study found that people who spend more time on family than work report having a higher quality of life than those others. People who spent about equal time on family and work had a higher life quality than people who spent more time on work than family. Therefore, the perfect work-family balance may be one that leans more heavily on the family side than the work side.

Women and the Struggle with Work-Family Balance

Women, particularly mothers, have struggled significantly with the work-family balance issue. Research shows that 7 out of 10 women with children under 18 also work for pay. However, they earn less than their male counterparts. Plus, they often don’t return to full-time work quickly after the birth of children. One study found that it takes over a decade for the number of women to return to full-time work as the number who were working full-time within one year prior to the birth of their first child.

About 2/5 of mothers wait until their children are older to resume full-time work. Another 1/5 never resume full-time work. This impacts women and their families in a number of ways. In terms of career, many women struggle to get back on track in terms of professional status. We’ve all heard about the lawyers who get put on the “mommy track” and struggle to make partner at a firm after having kids. Recently new information shows that mothers who are scientists have a hard time getting grants and publications in comparison to their single and/or male counterparts.

This Issue Impact All Types of Families

Although women have been uniquely impacted by the work-family balance, it’s an issue that affects all different configurations of family. In the two-parent “mom and dad” family, both partners often struggle with the financial impact of trying to achieve work-family balance. Men increasingly give more time to family than they historically did. That’s a great thing for many reasons. However, it also means that dads are feeling more of the stress in the struggle to achieve work-family balance. The two parents may fight frequently over finances, as well as over division of labor at home.

Single parents, same-sex parents, and people in other family configurations (multi-generational, polyamorous, etc.) also have to grapple with this issue. Who will work? How much will each person work? What adaptations and sacrifices will the family have to make in order for one or more parents to not only earn money but also do a job that they enjoy? All types of families have to answer these questions. There is no right answer and no easy answer. Most people just do the best that they can and adapt as their financial, employment, and family situations change.

Communication is Key

Each individual, and each family, must figure out what works for them. There are many different ways to earn a living. How much money one needs varies widely. People must look at what they are willing to sacrifice in terms of family time in order to work at a certain job. They must look at what they are willing to sacrifice career-wise in order to have more family time. In order to figure this out, people must learn to communicate.

It’s not easy to talk about money. Financial stress makes it even more challenging in families. However, learning how to communicate openly, authentically, and honestly about your work-family balance needs will go a long way towards achieving the right balance in your family.

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Why White Sapphire Engagement Rings Are so Popular

bride-2607219_640When you buy an engagement ring for your better half, you are purchasing something that she is never going to forget about for the rest of her life. It’s a ring that’s going to stay on her left hand ring finger for the duration of your marriage, so you have to get her something special or she is going to end up being really upset with you if you drop the ball on this purchase.

Because of this line of thinking, some people are actually afraid to buy white sapphire engagement rings. They think they have to absolutely buy a diamond ring because it’s considered the only option by many. But they would be wrong since white sapphires are unique, durable, rare, and the more economical choice.

At the end of the day, guys always have to factor in money when it comes to buying an engagement ring. If you are on a strict budget, you’ll be happy to know that you can buy a very large white sapphire as opposed to a tiny diamond and still end up spending less money. So your ring is going to look bigger, more attractive, and it’s going to cost less because you decided to go with a white sapphire as opposed to a diamond ring.

With that said, there are a few other reasons why White Sapphire engagement rings are so popular. We’ll take a deeper look at those reasons right now.

The Durability of White Sapphires Is Second to None

The great thing about owning a white sapphire engagement ring is you do not have to worry about accidentally damaging it if you’re prone to dropping things or stepping on them or otherwise bumping into things. Your ring is not going to experience any damage whatsoever because it’s a very strong gemstone that’s really tough to break.

So, if you’re worried that you’re going to accidentally drop your white sapphire engagement ring on the floor, step on it, and watch the stone shatter into a billion pieces, you have nothing to fear because that will never happen. This strong gemstone is durable and can withstand just about any beating you might throw its way. So, those prone to destroying things are the perfect people to own white sapphire engagement rings since they are built to withstand the test of time and so much worse.

White Sapphire Engagement Rings Are an Incredible Investment

As far as investments go, buying white sapphires is definitely the right choice as opposed to diamonds. Typically, you can buy a diamond engagement ring and it will lose value if you were to try to sell it on the open market.

On the other hand, white sapphires are currently having the opposite effect. People are buying them and since it’s a rarer choice than a diamond, they are actually going up in value instead of losing their worth. So if you want your engagement ring to gain value, choosing a white Sapphire is the better option.


Clearly, white sapphire engagement rings are very popular right now. Take advantage and get one for your better half today.