Save Money Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Yes you can save money hosting Thanksgiving dinner

Get into the habit of hosting the biggest meal of the year and it has a way of mushrooming into 48 hours of cooking — following a grocery bill of at least $125 (for two dozen guests, both family and friends). While you might not be able to reduce the amount of time you spend in the kichen, you can save money hosting Thanksgiving dinner if you plan carefully. Continue reading

Can You Buy LuLaRoe Online?

buy lularoe online

LuLaRoe emerged as a direct selling company in 2014. Within a short period of time, it quickly grew and developed a strong fan-base among both sellers and non-sellers alike. Despite their recent bad press, they still continue to rock the social media world and maintain sales. Women are still signing up to be what the company has titled a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, and new styles are added monthly. But, with e-commerce more popular than ever, the option to buy online can make or break retailers. So, can you buy LuLaRoe online?

How LuLaRoe Works

For those of you who may still be unfamiliar with the process, LuLaRoe is a direct selling company that earned popularity originally through their leggings. One of the their taglines, “where fashion meets comfort,” resonates with so many women, both in the professional world and in their personal lives. The company was initially designed as a way for the stay-at-home mom to make an income while still raising her family. Not just that, but what truly sets this multi-level marketing (MLM) company apart from others is that each seller receives different patterns and styles, making it somewhat easier for multiple women in the same area to distribute the product. However, whether or not you can really make a living selling LuLaRoe is still up for debate, but it appears to all come down to the individual selling.

Typically, those who do decide to sell are encouraged to turn to social media, which is undeniably a beneficial way to sell online. Most start Facebook groups, as advised by their LuLaRoe “upline” or coach (someone doing well in the company and is able to coach others on how to be successful while also making more money from their sales). To become a consultant, you pay roughly $4,000 to $6,000 to begin, which goes toward your first kit or inventory. You start making your money back the minute you start selling.

New styles and designs come out regularly each season, consistently creating buzz and the FOMO (“fear of missing out”) effect. As accessibility to products consumers desire increases through online shopping, one has to wonder if LuLaRoe is available to purchase through the web rather than a person. Is it possible to buy LuLaRoe online?

Can You Buy LuLaRoe Online?

Technically, no, you can’t buy LuLaRoe online. This is not to say, though, that there aren’t ways around that.

Consultants sell the clothes directly, and the website does not have an option to purchase with an online store. In fact, sellers must sell from their home and are not permitted to have a brick-and-mortar site. They can, however, sell from what are known as “pop-ups” or events where the product is available to the attendees.

Regardless, you do not have to live in the same area as a consultant in order to buy items from her. Many take payments via PayPal and will ship the clothes to you, much like you would arrange with any retailer’s website. Sites like Ebay is another option to buy LuLaRoe online, but some do tack on shipping prices and you should keep in mind that these items may be used.

So, even though you cannot place orders through the LuLaRoe website, you can still purchase the clothes through different sellers online with a debit or credit card and still have the items shipped to your house.

Are you a fan of LuLaRoe? Have you ever bought any of their clothes online? Share your experience with us in the comments below. 


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How Much Will Your House Cost to Fix?

Constructing your own dream house with all the desired facilities at one place is one of the best experiences one can ever have. Though it involves a lot of planning and expenditure but also brings a lot of happiness to self. From planning till the final possession everything needs to be perfectly worked out.

Now what if after just few years of your happy stay, you feel the need of renovating your house which might include remodeling your kitchen or painting your house to give it a new-look and that is when the need to know the cost to renovate your house arises or if you wanted to sell your house, how much do you think your property can be sold for with not so good paint and in a wretched condition?

So if you were to fix and remodel your kitchen, it would cost you around $20,000. Kitchen remodeling is a big deal that would include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink and installing a tile backsplash.

A paint job not only makes your house look beautiful and is required especially when you are planning to sell it out. The average cost of painting your house, on an average is $1600 but be careful as a bad paint job can make you lose as much as 18% on re-sale value.

A new roof is a significant investment in your house and can cost you around $7000 to remodel. While choosing a new roof, keep the aesthetics of your house in mind as it would add to the beauty of your house. In addition to protecting your home and its contents, a new roof can give your house a more contemporary look, improve energy efficiency and will increase the resale value as well

Bathrooms remodels are expensive whether it’s a small bathroom or a large one and would include installing bathtubs, counter tops, faucets and other bathroom fixtures and would cost around $9000.

Many house improvements that boost your home’s value could render your home insurance coverage inadequate and leave you vulnerable to losses. So when you choose a home insurance plan, be clear as to what to choose.

For more great tips on saving money while fixing up your house, check out this new infographic put together by Fast Florida House Sale: