Fall Roundup and Updates

Happy Saturday everyone!

I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago. When I left, the weather was rainy, cold, and definitely all fall. When I returned, I was treated to beautiful sunny fall days. With that, I have the opportunity to get some yard and outdoor housework done on my little house in the suburbs.

Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone and I had a great weekend with family and family friends. My vacation has also come and gone, so now I’m trying to think of something else to look forward to. I find work days fly by when I have something fun to do in my near future.

Now that I’m getting back in to the groove of normal, every day life, I have been reading a lot of my favorite blogs again. Here are some of my favorite posts in the past little while:


In true form, the financial blogging community did have a lot of great articles lately. I can’t list them all though! 



2 thoughts on “Fall Roundup and Updates

  1. Nice blog wrap. I thought I was going to freeze this weekend. Our Indian summer was super short this year and winter is coming early this year. I had to bust out my wool coat yesterday, that wasn’t fun. I want more blue skies and sunshine!

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