Financial Roundup: New Year Edition

It’s nuts that it’s already the new year! On one hand it feels like we’ve been in 2014 for ages, and on the other hand I keep writing 2012 when I write out the date.

I need to get with the program pretty quickly, because time is already flying in this new year.

Without further adieu I wanted to recognize some bloggers for their posts this past couple of weeks:

Financial Roundup

At iHeartBudgets, there was a guest post about how budgeting is a bummer, which is absolutely true. I keep a budget but I am very.. “relaxed” about it.

I really, really enjoyed Debt and the Girl’sJoy is Separate from Circumstance” post, because I definitely believe it to be true and the story behind the post is very inspiring.

David from Young Adult Money posted about ways to improve your finances in the new year. There are three parts to this series and there is a lot of actionable advice in there.

My friends at the Outlier Model not only have a new look, but they had some great posts over the past few weeks. I really enjoyed their recent post about the Sister Wives family and their FOUR HOUSES! Can you imagine being able to afford that?!

At Impersonal Finance, they became home owners and gave us some advice on buying your first home.

This is definitely late to the game, but I loved Money and Potatoes post about Christmas gifts inspired by his youth!

Happily, Michelle from Fit n’ Poor‘s husband is no longer unemployed! This is pretty exciting for them after awhile of unemployment.

One of my absolute favorite posts this past couple of weeks has been at NZ Muse, where E posted a review of her blog in 2013.

Finally, Monica saved over $6,500 on home renovations and got some new flooring to boot.


What were your favorite posts this past little while?

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