5 Tips for Cutting Costs During Your Divorce Trial

If you’re one of the 43% of Tennessee residents going through a divorce, you may need a prominent lawyer to help you through this situation. Unfortunately, these cases are most likely to cost you a lot of money and might make your life more difficult. That’s why it is important to take a few simple steps that can help decrease your costs and give you a better overall result that improves your divorce and minimizes cash loss.

1. Do Your Research

Understanding what you’re likely to pay is critical to avoiding serious financial issues. For example, you may need to pay a retainer fee, cover lawyer costs, pay for judge’s appearances, and much more. Try to research these costs and do what you can to cut down on them during your case.

While searching, make sure that you pay attention to your data use, as this may impact your costs. For example, data usage jumped from 12 GB to 16.6 GB in just one year, which could increase your overall cost if you get pinged for extra data usage on your internet server or phone.

2. Consider Settling When Possible

Most high-priced divorce cases occur in a trial because lawyers will get paid a lot of cash, and you may end up losing out when the divorce is completed. Work with your lawyers and your partner to settle your case, including handling child rights issues quickly and effectively.

That’s because battles over custody extend divorce trials beyond all reasonable bounds and end up costing a lot of cash. Trying to create a balanced settlement is key here, as it can eliminate much of the agitation or frustration that some might feel.

3. Split Home Improvement Costs

Some divorce costs may be separate from your trial entirely. For instance, improve your house before you sell it and split the profits. Instead of paying for this process alone, you can work with your partner one last time and split these prices to boost your dual profits.

For instance, you may install aluminum blinds in your home as the longest-lasting, low-maintenance window option in all sizes and split the costs with your partner. Doing so can not only help you save cash during your trial but help you both make more cash when you sell the house later.

4. Handle Some of Your Paperwork

Did you know you don’t have to have your lawyer do all of your legal paperwork for you? They might claim you do or try to do it for you, but you can do some of it yourself. That said, you should only do the paperwork that you fully understand to save yourself some money.

For example, basic paperwork like your initial filing form and other simple items can be filled out at home to save yourself the cash. If you feel uncomfortable with this paperwork, either have your lawyer do it for you or check out free online sites that help walk you through this process.

5. Minimize Lawyer Communication

Last, it is important to only contact your lawyer when absolutely necessary. Even phone calls may be billable hours by many lawyers during a divorce, so make sure that you limit your contact and only work with them when you have no other choice but to contact them.

When you do work with them, bite the bullet and create a detailed list of things that you have to discuss and resolve. Don’t let them take control of your meetings but move through each bullet point and discuss solutions. Doing so can help streamline your approach.

As you can see, it is possible to save money during a divorce if you’re intelligent and take the time to handle this process. Make sure that you consider these points when budgeting during your divorce and talk with your lawyer about any other steps you may take here.

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