10 Common Items That Have Become Unaffordable, And It’d a Disgrace

From backyard gardens to breakfast tables, the cost of everyday items is on the rise, impacting everything from streaming services to snacks. As prices climb, Americans are reevaluating what essentials like organic milk, home-delivered meals, and even a simple frozen pizza are worth in their daily lives. Here are 10 items that are shamefully unaffordable to average consumers.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, a kitchen staple, has seen prices soar recently, nearly doubling. Beloved for its role in cooking and dressing salads, it’s also essential for healthy Mediterranean recipes. Its popularity stems from its originality and health benefits, making it a must-have. However, people can no longer afford it.

Streaming Services

Streaming services’ costs are climbing as viewers ditch cable. Each platform’s unique offerings force fans to juggle multiple subscriptions. This fragmentation means more expense for those chasing their favorite shows across various services, turning what was once a cheaper alternative into a pricey necessity that is out of reach.


Soaring lumber prices are turning DIY backyard projects like raised garden beds into luxury items. Once a cost-effective way to grow veggies, building three simple beds now attracts a $1,000 price tag, often more than the produce itself. Yet, gardening does offer stress relief and fresh air benefits.

Potato Chips

Chip prices are crunching wallets, with regular bags nearing $5 and family sizes at almost $7. Ironically, today’s “family size” matches what was once standard. In America, chips are not just snacks but cultural icons at parties, picnics, and game nights, integral to casual fun.

Christmas Tree

Sky-high prices are pushing holiday enthusiasts from real to artificial trees. Natural trees, once a must-have holiday item, offer an authentic, pine-scented ambiance that many cherish. Their texture and fresh scent evoke nostalgia, making them the preferred choice for living the festive spirit.


Egg prices have continued on an upward trend since the bird flu spike, but their nutritional punch keeps demand strong. Packed with protein, vitamins, and essential minerals, eggs are a breakfast favorite. Their versatility and health benefits ensure they’re valued more than many other staple foods.

Home Delivery Food

Home delivery has woven itself into the fabric of American dining, offering convenience at a steep price. A $10 fast food meal easily triples with delivery fees, excluding tips. While many opted for the ease of meals delivered straight to their doors, the costs are pushing them away from it.


Cereal, the standard American breakfast, faces rising costs, even among usually budget-friendly store brands. No longer the bargain it once was, cereal remains a morning ritual for many. It’s been cherished for its quick, effortless prep and variety, but its spot at breakfast tables nationwide is threatened.

Organic Milk

Organic milk’s appeal lies in its purity and nutritional edge, often containing more omega-3s and antioxidants. Despite a $2 price hike, its production without synthetic hormones or pesticides keeps it in high demand. For health-conscious consumers, it remains a top pantry choice that is no longer within their wallet’s reach.

Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza, a go-to for quick American dinners, is nearing a $10 price tag, sparking outrage. Even as costs climb, the appeal of a ready-to-bake pie straight from the freezer endures. It’s the convenience and variety that kept it a favorite for the longest time until the prices went up.