3 in 4 Workers Worry About Social Security

social security

New Survey Shows a Bad Combination of Skepticism and Dependence3 of 4 workers are worried about Social Security

Are you counting on Social Security for most of your retirement funds – and if so, how comfortable are you that the funds will be there at retirement?

According to the recent Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers, you probably aren’t comfortable at all.

A surprising 76 percent of survey respondents are concerned that Social Security won’t be there when they retire – including 65 percent of baby boomers, the generation entering their retirement years.
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Why Do Millennials Live with Their Parents?

millennials living at home

Why do millennials live with their parents more than any other generation does?

It’s logical that younger generations are more likely to live with their parents in a non-caretaker capacity, even in the best of times.

Millennials suffered the added indignity of coming of age during one of the worst recessions in history while dealing with prohibitive student loan debt.
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Only 37% Of Millennials Have Retirement Accounts

millennial retirement

Who’s thinking about retirement when they’re young? Only about a third of millennials have retirement accounts.

They’re typically not a priority for young workers – but they should be. That’s precisely the time to take the greatest advantage of compounding interest by contributing as much as your fledgling budget can afford.

A new study from the University of Missouri suggests that millennials, the youngest working generation, are not sufficiently preparing for retirement.
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