Use These Alternatives to Airbnb

Airbnb was a disruptor in the travel space, giving vacationers a whole new way to find lodging. However, even though its name recognition is high, not everyone loves the company.

Luckily, there are a variety of alternatives to Airbnb, giving savvy travelers additional options for finding short-term rentals. If you would prefer to use something other than Airbnb, here are a few places to try. Continue reading

Disney World Has Raised Prices Again: Is It Worth the Extra Money?

Disney World Ticket Prices

In February, the price for tickets to Disney World went up. The move was quiet, as Disney didn’t appear to want to draw much attention to the decision.

However, savvy park-goers and vacation planners took note. And many of them weren’t happy.

But, just because the price is higher doesn’t automatically mean it isn’t worth the trip. If you are wondering whether a visit to Disney World is worth the extra money, here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Why Private Jet Charter Keeps Growing in Popularity

aviation-2371206_640Private jets were once viewed as the luxury toys of the world’s elite, from royalty and popstars to high-flying CEOs. However, in recent years, the private travel industry has seen something of a boom, with more customers choosing private jet over commercial flights.

But aside from comfier seats and more leg room, what are the benefits of a private jet? How are people affording to fly this way? And why is chartering a private jet continuing to grow in popularity?

Quicker Flights

Private flights typically tend to offer shorter flight times. This is because commercial planes fly at an altitude of 35,000 feet, while private jets are able to fly higher, offering more direct routes. Also, there’s no need to arrive hours before your flight, as you can often board and depart within 15 minutes, and your travel time tends to be a lot shorter.

Better Service

As you would expect, chartering a private jet means you are typically able to fly in comfort and style. In addition, private jets often have a better catering menu, and with less people on board, flyers are able to enjoy a more personalised experience in a private and more relaxing setting. You can also take your laptop on board, too, so there’s no worry about the electronics ban.

More Convenient

Due to the size of commercial flights, the number of departure and arrival points is limited to larger, often regional, airports. However, the size of private jets means they are able to utilise smaller, local airports, so you can arrive at a more convenient location. For example, in the U.S, commercial airlines can use 500 airports, while private jets can land at around 5000.

Flexible Service

When booking a ticket with a commercial airline, you’re limited to the scheduled flight times, which can mean travelling at unsociable hours – never a good thing if you’re on a business trip and need to impress at a meeting. However, chartering a private jet allows you to travel when it’s convenient for you, so no arranging your day around a schedule.

Increasingly Affordable

This may be surprising, but flying on a private jet is actually becoming increasingly affordable. This is true of both empty leg flights or single seats, but the biggest bargain to be had is if you’re booking last minute, where flying private can be cheaper than commercial.

Flying on a private jet comes with a lot of benefits, such as better service and faster flight times. However, the growing popularity is likely due to the price. After all, why fly commercial when you can charter a private jet for a fraction of the cost?