Employment Opportunities for English Teachers in Vietnam

English is one of the widely spoken languages in the world today. It is even considered by many as the official business language in the global market.

The growing importance of the language has created demand for English teachers in Vietnam where the locals speak in Vietnamese. This has, in turn, created more teaching opportunities for qualified persons from various parts of the world.

The continued increase in English teaching jobs in Vietnam can be attributed to commitment on the part of the government and a growing economy.

Commitment by the Government  

The Vietnamese government introduced a program in 2008 known as Project 2020 to familiarize the locals with the English language. The goal was to ensure that individuals graduating from vocational schools, colleges, and universities are proficient in English as a second language.

The program has increased teaching opportunities for expatriates from English speaking countries who are hired to help Vietnam realize the goals of the program. English tutors can, therefore, find employment in private and public learning institutions spread throughout the country.

Growing Economy

Vietnam has experienced political stability in the last few years which has contributed to economic growth. The favorable environment has led to an increase in the number of international organizations in the country. It has also made Vietnam a preferred destination for tourists who are attracted by the beauty of the country and its citizens.

The increase in the number of international businesses and the growing tourism industry has established the need for locals to learn English to allow for effective communication and smooth transactions. This, in turn, has created more teaching opportunities for foreign English teachers wishing to work in the country.

The high demand for English tutors in Vietnam means that those that qualify for the jobs also enjoy many benefits. They include competitive salaries which are offered by employers to attract the most qualified candidates.

Other benefits include bonuses, healthcare, allowances, and flexible working hours all of which are meant to encourage expatriates to choose Vietnam as a preferred teaching destination.

Basic Requirements for English Second Language (ESL) Teachers

Those that wish to work in Vietnam as ESL teachers must meet specific requirement some of which are set by the government and others by employers.

They are required to have a degree from any field that was obtained from a recognized institution. They should be native speakers aged between 21-60 years with a TEFL, TESL, or TESOL certification. Interested people should also have a work permit which is meant to ensure that their stay and employment within the country is legal.

A point to note is that some of these requirements are not mandatory. However, meeting them increases your chances of getting employed and earning high salaries.

In conclusion, the number of English teaching jobs in Vietnam has increased in the last decade thanks to a program by the government and a booming economy. Any person wishing to move to the country and take advantage of the employment opportunities should meet the requirements set by the state or the employers.



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