Features of a forex trading account

Forex brokers provide access to the forex market for all retail traders. Since it is a mostly online activity that is open to all, different forex brokers have different requirements for their customers.

To access the forex market, forex brokers provide different types of accounts. There is a demo account where the trader can practice a trade and the trading account where the trader can now trade practically. Trading accounts have different features that all traders should consider carefully. Here are some of them.

Easy to use

A forex trading account as provided by a forex broker is a trading platform to the market. Forex trading accounts allow users to deposit money, initiate their trades, make their profits and even withdraw their profits.

Good forex trading accounts make this process as easy as possible. Good forex brokers seek to ensure that this is the case as this brings them more customers and thus a growth to their business.

Minimum amount

Different trading accounts offer different features. Just like bank accounts, forex trading accounts have different minimum amounts that you can deposit to start trading with. There are accounts without a minimum deposit amount while others have.

The account you choose is a personal choice determined on how much money you have to trade with.


Leverage in forex terms refers to an extra amount loaned to the account holder to enable them take a stronger or larger position in their trade. Different trading accounts have different levels of leverage that they can provide.

Leverage is a very tricky aspect of trading. A high leverage ratio is good for when a trader makes a profit on a trade. On the other a hand, a loss for a leveraged trade could completely wipe out a trader’s account.

Demo account

A demo account is an account that a trader uses to practice trading. Demo accounts are provided by forex brokers and are loaded with virtual money. In this account, the trader has the real time conditions of the market devoid of the opportunity to make a loss or a profit.

For inexperienced traders, demo accounts are very useful. They enable one to practice in a real environment and get better at studying the market and making profitable trades in prevailing market conditions.

Improve trading knowledge

A lot of forex brokers seek to add value to their customers. As a result, they offer ongoing classes to their customers to ensure that they can become better at what they do.

Different brokers offer their classes differently. Some provide great informational videos while others offer great write-ups that need to be studied thoroughly to understand and become better traders.

As a trader, it is important that you choose a forex trading account from a broker who is interested in your growth.

Customer service

By virtue of using their forex trading accounts, forex brokers are obligated to provide exemplary customer service to their customers should they need it.

This is one of the promises that forex brokers make to their customers. When faced with challenges in the course of trading, traders need to contact the customer service department of the broker. They will then assist in making the trading experience as smooth as possible.

Other asset trading classes

Besides forex, traders should also seek for trading accounts that let them trade other assets. Forex brokers also have access to other markets such as commodities and securities markets. In their quest to add value to their customers, different forex brokers allow all who use their trading accounts to trade other asset classes.


Forex trading accounts are available to ensure that traders can access the market and make profits from it. With a good trading account, traders can get high leverage values to take advantage of larger trades. Traders should always ensure that they can keep their accounts active and acquire more information on the forex market to become successful traders.

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