Financial Roundup: Migraine Edition

Have you ever had a migraine?

An actual, hammering, piercing migraine that puts you in bed until it’s over, with earplugs in and a blanket up over your head with your hands over your eyes to ensure that no light gets through whatsoever?

I thought I had had migraines before, until I actually had a migraine.

On Sunday last week, I was baking cookies with my fiance and I lost vision in parts of my left eye. I could see directly in front of me, but my periphery was completely blurry and below the center of my vision was as well.

I tried to splash my eye with water, thinking there may be something in it, and tried resting my eyes for a few minutes, but it wasn’t going away so I figured it was just from being in front of my computer for too long that morning and brushed it off, until an hour later when my fingers went numb.

First it was my pinky, middle, and ring finger on my left hand. They started tingling in that pins-and-needles type way and went completely numb. Then the left side of my lips went tingly and numb, and this was followed by a severe headache which quickly turned into a migraine.

I couldn’t do anything except camp out and pray that it either stopped or I fell asleep so I didn’t have to feel the excruciating pain anymore.

Anyhow, while I was down for the count, these wonderful bloggers were busy bees, writing awesome posts.

First I want to thank the Frugal Farmer, Canadian Budget BinderWork it Mamma, Budget and the Beach, and Covenant Trust Company Blog for linking to my posts this past week or so.


Good Posts From Around the Blogosphere

Over at Retire By 40, there is some talk about lifestyle inflation. I was thinking about how I’ve experienced some MAJOR lifestyle inflation since I graduated. Some of it was inevitable, as RB40 suggests, but some I could have gone without.


David at Young Adult Money read my mind with his post about large home projects you need to budget for. Recently my fiance and I were thinking about our budget for 2014 for home renovations and upgrades. We have one window in our loft that is single paned but we have a store near us that sells windows for a really good price. We have a brand new roof (which cost us less than $1300 to do) and we have to focus on re-paving our driveway now.


Money Bulldog posted on Clever Dude about travelling on a budget. We booked our honeymoon last week, so this is most certainly something that is on my mind. I’m most excited for his suggestion to eat with the locals.


At Three Thrifty Guys, it’s pointed out that credit card churning can be risky, and they are right, it can. You need to be very strategic about it in order to really take advantage of the points and save money.


Because I’m a blogger and I loved blogging related posts, Dojo Blog’s post about WordPress plugins that are a must have had me installing plugins on all of my blogs this morning.

4 thoughts on “Financial Roundup: Migraine Edition

  1. I’ve never had a migraine….although my neighbor gets them frequently. She clears out her closet and sits in there in the dark quiet. It doesn’t sound like fun at all….hope that doesn’t happen again! Thanks for including Robert’s guest post on Cleverdude!

  2. Ouch… I’ve never had migraines but have probably caused some 🙂
    Seriously, I hope you feel better..

    Bravo on planning for 2014 projects. We have a ‘To Do’ list that seems to get longer each year for projects around the house. The hardest part is committing to setting the list up. It’s a lot like a budget, once you set it up, and start the contributions, it’s on autopilot.

  3. I’ve had some horrific headaches over the years, but only one or two where I felt blinded and had piercing pain. A couple have made me nauseous. There is really nothing I can do except lay down and wait for them to pass which sometimes takes a day or two. I usually also take ibuprofen which helps. I have no idea what brings them on – stress, hormones like of sleep, not eating all probably play a role. Hopefully neither of us ever experiences anything like this again.

    I wonder if heredity also plays a part. My little niece experienced headaches so bad in elementary school she’s had to stay home. Her mother also thinks they are brought on by stress and not getting enough sleep.

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