How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

If you’re like most people, you venture out once a week and do all your shopping until the time comes to go back out seven or so days later and do it all again. This is all fine and dandy, but some people can overspend on shopping by large margins without even realizing it. Regardless of if you have a great paying job like being a physician at Northwest Surgery Center or a lawyer, nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on groceries.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to cut your grocery bill in half.




Without a price range to work with, there’s no telling how much you should be spending. This will fluctuate depending on how many members you have in your household, but finding an accurate and realistic budget according to that number will help you shop within certain parameters without overspending.


Make a List


It can be easy to fill your cart with anything that looks good, even if you don’t really need it. While there’s nothing wrong with getting the occasional treat while you’re out shopping, overdoing it is a surefire way to overspend. That’s why making a list is one of the best ways you can cut your grocery bill in half. Doing this will keep you on track for getting in, grabbing what you need, and getting out before you have time to throw those chips, sodas, and tubs of ice cream into the cart.


Eat Before Shopping


Rule number one for better shopping and reducing your grocery bill in the process: don’t do it on an empty stomach. When you’re hungry, everything looks good, and it makes resisting those unnecessary items that much harder. By simply eating a quick meal or a small snack before heading out, you can reduce the chance of going off the beaten path and deviating from your list or going outside your budget.


Forget the Expensive Stuff


Even if you’ve managed to stick within your budget and the list, you might be overspending on items that you don’t have to. Oftentimes, name-brand food items are essentially identical in quality and taste to the generic off-brand version. By finding replacements for some of your more expensive items, you can cut your grocery bill further without sacrificing the taste. If there’s an item or two that you swear by the brand, then go ahead and get it—we won’t judge you.


A New Way to Shop


By implementing these grocery shopping tips, you’ll begin saving hundreds of dollars on your tips to the store. Create a budget, make a list, and stick to it.


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