Free Learning Resources for Teachers and Parents

Free Resources for Teachers and Parents

With schools closed for foreseeable future, parents and teachers alike need resources while their children are home. It is important that everyone finds ways to stay stimulated when living in close quarters. Many schools have transitioned their classes online, but it is impossible to replicate the classroom learning environment. However, there are tons of online resources to help supplement your children’s education at home. Until school is back in session, here are some free resources for teachers and parents.

Top Resources for Teachers and Parents

1. The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a free, nonprofit website full of educational resources. There are curriculum for every grade level which cover all the core subjects as well as elective courses. Each lesson walks you through vocabulary and key concepts with a series of short videos. In addition, they are followed with quizzes for comprehension checks. This also includes tutorials for AP courses and university exams.

There are also tools to help teachers manage classes and facilitate lessons. You can track and submit assignments and easily communicate through the site. If you have no idea where to begin with homeschooling, Khan Academy is an excellent online resource for teachers and parents.

2. Project Gutenberg

Now is a prime opportunity to catch up on your reading list. Since you can’t get to the library to borrow books, Project Gutenberg provides an extensive library of free eBooks. With over 45,000 titles, you are certain to find material required for English or literature courses of all levels. It could also be a great way to spend time with your kids if you get an audio version and listen together. Not only is Project Gutenberg useful for students, but also for avid readers looking to build their personal libraries.

3. How to Smile

If you are looking for math and science lessons for your children, How to Smile is where you need to begin. With more than 3,500 STEM activities to choose from, the lessons provide a hands-on teaching approach to math and science. Many of the activities come directly from the country’s top museums, universities, and educational programs. The site even allows you to customize your search filters by age, time requirements, and the cost of materials. With so many activities to choose from, you are certain to find something that captures your children’s interest.

4. Duolingo

Foreign languages homework can be a tricky task. Luckily there is a website that can assist parents with their children’s education. Duolingo offers grammar, vocabulary, and listening lessons in dozens of languages for free. The lessons are so user-friendly that your kids can complete them with an app on their phone. Furthermore, it tracks your progress and allows you to revisit old lessons. Duolingo is a simple solution and a helpful tool for anyone wanting to learn a foreign language.


If your family is thriving under the new online formats, you may consider making a permanent change. If you decide to take charge of your family’s education, offers unrivaled support. In addition to printable lesson and curriculum reviews, it also provides links to local groups. It is the perfect resource for any family that is new to homeschooling.

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