What Clothes Can You Sell on Depop?

What Clothes Can You Sell on Depop?

If your closet is stuffed to the brim, maybe it’s time to learn what clothes you can sell on Depop.

What is Depop?

For those new to Depop, it’s a peer-to-peer shopping app to buy and sell clothing. While it isn’t the first of its kind, it has become increasingly popular among online shoppers. Primarily because it is so simple to set up and start selling right away without a long verification process. Since it’s compatible with both Android and iOS, you can add the app to your smartphone or login in from your computer to start browsing.

And, although they will charge a 10% fee for every item sold, it’s completely free to join. The user-friendly platform closely resembles Instagram and currently has about 21 million members. Its versatility and accessibility attracts a younger audience. But, Depop is more than just another app for people who are looking for good deals or want to make some extra money cleaning out their closets.  It’s a marketplace that allows for freedom of expression and has built a community that shares fashion, art, music, and so much more.

Clothes You Can Sell on Depop

Some sellers will argue that Depop is the best option when selling preloved casual clothing, vintage items from thrift shops, or pieces from independent designers. So, you won’t typically find high fashion pieces that come with a high price tag. But, you have potential customers from every walk of life which means a wide variety of styles and interests.

When deciding what clothes you can sell on Depop, it’s best to begin by identifying the audience you want to appeal to. From there, you can choose all types of clothing items that fit within the image you want to create. You can start with larger items like outerwear, shoes, bottoms, tops, and dresses. Or, specialize in accessories such as jewelry, watches, hats, scarves, belts, sunglasses, or handbags.

There are also non-clothing items you can sell on Depop. Music enthusiasts can find CDs and vinyl records. Shutterbugs can browse vintage cameras. Meanwhile, bibliophiles have an entirely new source of online reading material. The key to becoming a successful seller is choosing items that are consistent with the brand image and the aesthetic you are trying to create.

Clothes You Can’t Sell on Depop

Beyond what clothes you can sell on Depop, you must also be aware of their list of prohibited and restricted items. You don’t want to have items removed or get banned from the site. Although you can sell many things on the platform, there are a few obvious things you should steer clear of, such as:

    • adult content or nudity
    • alcohol and tobacco products
    • drug-related merchandise
    • graphic or violent images
    • discriminatory or hate speech
    • counterfeit items

The site provides a detailed list of items and an explanation why they would be removed, the admins retain the right to take down any content they feel breaches their Terms of Service or poses a risk they aren’t willing to take.

Making Money on Depop

Even if you aren’t trying to make a living, you can earn some extra cash for your efforts. If you want to make money, you need to know how to market yourself and which items will get the most attention. But before you can start counting your profits, you have to create your Depop shop.

1. Create an account.

Before you can sell anything, you will have to create your own account. It’s simple to set up; all you need is your name, phone number, and email address. Then, you can set your feed preferences such as categories you’re interested in and sizes. When you choose a name for your shop, think of a catchy or memorable name that customers won’t forget. And, be sure to include a bio to tell customers more about your style and products.

2. Link it to a PayPal account.

Unfortunately, Depop doesn’t have its own electronic payment system. So, you’ll need to link it to your PayPal account before you choose clothes and accessories you can sell on Depop. After it’s connected, you can start receiving payments.

3. Choose the items you want to sell.

When you sell online, first impressions are everything. Think about the first thing shoppers see when they visit your page.  And then, choose items that you want to sell with this in mind. First, look through your closet for items you no longer wear. If you need more inventory, search local thrift stores and second-hand shops for new items.

4. Take photos for your shop.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your photos. While every item you list must have an image to accompany it, think about the presentation. Try to showcase the most flattering views and showcase each piece without distractions in the background.

You can include four photos and one video per item. Be sure to capture different angles, the tag, or someone modeling the item. It’s also better to take your own photos than to use stock images when selling personal belongings. No matter which images you choose, keep your photography style consistent to make it look more professional.

5. List the items for sale.

If you want to make money, you have to list the items for sale. You can either download the app to your phone or log in to their website to access your account.

When you create a listing, add photos, a detailed description, and hashtags to generate more traffic to your shop. High-quality pictures grab shoppers’ attention, but the details in the description are what sell it. Be honest about the condition, point out any details that make it special, and include any other information that might be useful to buyers.

The most difficult part is setting the right price. If you price it too high, no one will buy it. Too low…and you barely cover the shipping costs. If necessary, compare it with similar items to know the value of your items and price them fairly.

Since there is no cost or limit to the number of items you can list, maximize your profits by listing as many things as possible.

6. Once sold, ship the items.

When you sell an item, ship it as soon as possible. This builds a good rapport with customers and earns good reviews. To avoid any miscommunication, determine who will be paying the shipping fee before you send it. The site gives you the option to “ship with Depop” or make your own shipping arrangements. Make sure to use tracked shipping and send the tracking number to the customer once it’s on the way.

7. Look for ways to boost your sales.

Once you have established your shop, it’s time to find more customers. Follow shops you like and become more active to get more views. Linking your shop to all your social media accounts is another great way to do this. You should also consider when most people are online and post during high traffic periods like lunch breaks and evenings from 7-9:00 pm.

And, don’t overlook the value of good customer service. Being friendly and prompt with responses can earn you repeat business. You can also include a thank you note or free gift to show your appreciation. Don’t forget to include your business card and encourage them to leave a positive review as well.

If you feel like you have tried everything and still aren’t seeing the returns you’d hoped for, reach out to other sellers. You can talk to community members by browsing their shops or joining r/Depop to seek advice or discuss your concerns. Just because you weren’t successful on your first attempt doesn’t mean that you can’t turn it into a profitable venture.

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How To Earn Money From Google Maps

How to Earn Money from Google Maps

Google Maps covers over a billion kilometers of geographical data from more than 220 countries. As more people depend on it to get where they’re going and recommend nearby services, it is also an invaluable marketing tool. With so many consumers and businesses relying on its services, it has also created some unique opportunities to earn money from Google Maps.

Earning Badges and Perks as a Google Local Guide

To expand and verify the information in its database, Google started a program to encourage more user-generated content (UGC). Anyone can sign up to become a Google Local Guide and earn rewards based on the contributions you make. With more than 120 million Local Guides around the world, theirs is an active online community that enjoys sharing their experiences. Although they don’t earn money for their efforts, they are passionate that others should benefit from them as they explore new locations and destinations.

Based on gamification, you earn points for each contribution you make to Google Maps. Every action earns you points. However, the value varies depending on the difficulty of the task. While scoring a business with a rating, checking facts, and answering questions will earn you a few points, leaving reviews, uploading photos or videos, and adding missing locations net you much more. The more time you spend generating the content, the more points you earn.

How to Earn Money from Google Maps

Once you start accruing points, you earn badges and level up. Unfortunately, you can’t redeem your points for cash. However, several Redditors have traded their points for rewards from Google’s partners. They have reported that they received free clothing and phone accessories, discounts on Udemy courses, expanded Google storage, and early access to new Google features. However, many more say they have never received anything for their contributions. That has left many people wondering, how can you earn money from Google Maps?

How to Get Paid and Earn Money from Google Maps

Businesses rely on accurate information and representation to bring in customers, making UGC extremely important. By proxy, Local Guides are important influencers in their local online community. They are much more than just fact-checkers who verify the accuracy of the information. Contributors help shape search results and boost businesses that are popular with their customers. The more positive reviews and contributions a business receives, the greater its online presence becomes.

Google Map contributors are not limited to those who officially enroll in the program either. Anyone can add to the wealth of knowledge. But, some people have found ways to earn a liveable income while they do it.

1. Online Marketing Consultant

If you have any experience with advertising, SEO, and web development, consider offering your services as an online marketing consultant. First, you must understand what type of user-generated content boosts a brand or business. Then, you can use this to draw in more customers and online traffic.

As any small business owner will tell you, one of the most difficult challenges is landing your first client. However, a little creative thinking could help you find local businesses that could benefit from your expertise. Search for businesses in your area that have a minimal or nonexistent online presence. These are businesses that have very few or older reviews, no ratings at all, or never claimed their business on Google. Contact them and discuss how you could help increase their internet presence and attract more customers. As an incentive, you could help them claim their business on Google as a free demonstration of what you could do for their business to earn more money from Google Maps.

When working on your sales pitch, be sure to outline the services you can offer that will optimize their brand presence. Something as simple as modernizing the page layout or editing the web copy can breathe new life into stale websites. A few other ways to improve their site would include adding/updating information about the hours of operation, contact information, FAQs, photos, lists, and pricing of available services. You could also add digital payment methods to provide customers with more options. And, getting them listed in local directories like the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and Yelp will expose them to a wider platform and customer base.

2. Map Analyst

Other paying positions that rely on Google Maps are Quality and Map Data Analysts. Companies like Lionbridge work with search engines to ensure their content is accurate and functioning as it should. New positions are readily available and offer an incredible amount of flexibility. Most people take these jobs to supplement their income since they only offer part-time schedules up to 20 hours a week. They typically pay $10-16 an hour. In addition to being incredibly easy, you can do it anywhere.

However, there are a few basic requirements for these jobs. The first and the most obvious, you must have internet access and your own equipment to perform assigned tasks. Furthermore, you must speak the local language and have lived at your current location for the last 3 years. They want people who have a good working knowledge of the geographical area. If you meet these qualifications, the last step is to pass an evaluation to show comprehension and application of guidelines.

While tasks usually require you to verify the relevance and accuracy of map information, they do vary from time to time. Sometimes they will ask you to do some online research as well. However, they will include specified guidelines for each task.

3. Positions at Google

For those who want to work directly with Google Maps in a formal role, you could apply for any available positions on the Google Careers website. However, these positions are limited. So, you may have to wait and diligently watch for the job you want.

If you don’t want to wait for open positions on the Google Maps team, you could look at positions on another team. This would allow you to get your foot in the door with Google. Then, you could move internally once a job becomes available on the specific team you want to work with.

These are just a few ideas of how you could earn money using Google Maps. With a little innovation and application of your skillset, you too could find a way to use their free services to generate extra income.

Lastly, if all this sounds like a lot of work for not very much money, consider good old fashioned selling the stuff around your home to make extra money.  This used to be done on Craigslist, but now all the action is migrating to Facebook marketplace with porch pickup.

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How to Earn Extra Working from Home as a Voice Over Artist

How to Earn Extra as a Voice Over Artist

Perhaps someone has told you that you have the perfect voice to become a voice-over artist. If you have an enthusiastic, unique, or silky smooth tone, they may not be wrong. As a voice actor, it is your job to bring a script or character to life. Working as a voice-over actor can be extremely rewarding and flexible. With a little time and luck, you could earn extra working from home as a voice-over artist.

Necessary Skills for a Voice Over Artist

Even with the right voice, it takes more to become a professional voice over artist. It is your job to bring the words to life. You must be able to make the characters relatable and real. It is also important that you can create distinct voices and personalities for each role. You need to be able to act and interpret the script through the characters. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need acting experience, but it will definitely help you land your first job.

The second aspect of working from home as a voice-over artist involves technological know-how and communication. Most scripts and recordings are exchanged digitally. This means emails will be a top priority. You don’t want to lose out on opportunities due to missed correspondence. Additionally, you are going to need a workspace and quality recording equipment. The last thing you want is faulty equipment preventing you from getting a potential job. While it may require a small initial investment, it could pay off in the long run if you find the right gig.

Types of Voice Over Work

Voice artists are used for a wide range of recordings. Here are the most common types of paid work in the industry.

1. Commercials and Radio

Advertising is one of the largest employers for voice actors. Since most voice-over spots are under a minute, they don’t take long to record and produce. If you pursue this kind of job, it is essential that you understand the heart of the script. You have a very limited time, so you must interpret the copy and create a believable character. As an added bonus, commercials are also a great way to develop your character range.

2. E-Learning

Educational recordings are another great way to get into voice acting. This type of work requires less characterization, but a greater investment of your time.  You won’t need to vary your voice according to characters, but you will still need to deliver the material in an engaging way. Therefore, if you are a natural-born teacher, this could be a great option for you.

3. Audiobooks

If you are an excellent storyteller or enjoy reading to your kids, then you might consider recording audiobooks. These are usually long-term projects which generate more income as well. The voice-over style is largely dependent on the subject matter. No matter what genre you are lending your voice to, a gifted storyteller can keep their audience captivated.

4. Phone Prompts

This last option is one that is widely used in the corporate world. Large and small businesses frequently hire voice artists to create automated voice prompts. These are usually for answering services to help direct call flow and deliver announcements. If you have a friendly and conversational tone, then this could be your ticket to earning cash from home as a voice-over artist.

Where to Get Hired as a Voice Over Artist

Breaking into voice-over work can seem like a daunting task. This is especially true if you don’t know where to look. The fastest way to find your first paying job is by auditioning online. There are tons of online casting sites that recruit new talent. Spend some time developing your voice and creating a demo recording. If you are still uncertain, find a blog or video tutorial to help you prepare for your first audition.

It may take a while to find your first paying job. You will likely encounter a lot of competition and rejection in the beginning. However, don’t get discouraged if you truly want to pursue a career working as a voice-over actor. There are tons of opportunities out there just waiting for you.

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