Home Equity Loans or HELOCs: Which Option is Best for Your Home Improvements?

Home improvements can be expensive. Some remodels, like kitchens and bathrooms, can even cost tens of thousands of dollars. Roofs and siding are the same way, easily crossing the $10,000 mark. And even smaller projects can cost several grand.

That’s why so many homeowners turn to financing products for their home repairs.

If you have equity, you typically have two choices: a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC). If you’re wondering which one is right for you, here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Financial Emergency? GoFundMe to the Rescue

GoFundMe Help

Disaster often strikes when you least expect it. Then, your left with a financial emergency, and may not have many places to turn to for help.

Sure, you could try getting a loan, but that leaves you with debt. And, if you’re already short on funds, is that really wise?

Instead, there’s an online resource might be your ideal answer. It’s called GoFundMe. Continue reading

How to Purchase a New Mattress at a Portion of the In-store Cost

The population today spend the majority of their life working hard for their wages and it can be a struggle to spend money on household things that aren’t necessarily broken but should be replaced. Money tends to be set aside for immediate needs such as household bills, groceries, gas, insurances, etc. But what if you are starting to experience side effects from not replacing certain big items such as your mattress? Maybe your mattress is only a decade old and it isn’t ripped or sunken to the bed frame yet. It is easy to justify certain things when it is your wallet that is taking the hit. You get to surf the right place to have the preferred things instead of getting hoaxed. Mattress picks introduces suitable bed frames those fulfill particular requirements.

Thanks to today’s technology and innovative shopping options, consumers are no longer limited to what a physical store location has to offer. Between discount retailers’ online and exclusive online offers, it is easy to purchase a new and improved mattress at a portion of the cost.

Throughout this post, we will take a look at the pros of buying a new mattress online and the potential cons associated with it as well!

How to Know it’s Time to Purchase a New Mattress

The general rule of thumb that has been tried and tested by consumers is as follows: a mattress is only worthy for approximately seven to 10 years. Regardless of the visual or physical condition of the mattress, the materials used in the construction tend to break down in quality and support around this time. If you find yourself waking up feeling less than stellar or full of aches and random pains that pass throughout the day, this can also be a sign that your mattress is not giving you the support your body needs for a relaxing, restful sleep.

Allergens and bacteria can also penetrate through the mattress and leave no visible evidence of their arrival, creating health problems that did not exist before. If your mattress is ripped or stained, sunken in the middle, or has lost the “cushiony” feel, it is time to purchase a new mattress.

Research Your Mattress

In past generations, there has been only one style of mattress and that was the innerspring coil mattress/box spring combination. Today, however, there are numerous styles and types to choose from. From the classic innerspring mattress to the memory foam mattress to an airbed style mattress (not the kind you take camping), the options are unlimited. One mattress that is surging in popularity has been the loom and leaf mattress, a high-end memory foam mattress that is constructed of memory foam of top quality materials, that doesn’t tend to lose its contouring feel even after some time has passed. To learn more about this style of mattress and discover reviews on all aspects from the sinking effect to a temperature test, head over to thesleepjudge.com where all questions are answered!

Most professionals will recommend you research all the styles of mattresses out there, so you are more informed on the style that will benefit you and your body. Check with your doctor or medical professional if you suffer from any existing health issues that can affect your sleep. Read reviews and once you have determined the mattress you want to purchase, head over to a store, physically test the mattress and then check to see if the mattress is available for purchase online or if a cheaper mattress offered through online retailers.

Know When to Shop

If you can wait until the “right” timeframe in which to purchase a mattress, you increase your savings by upwards of 30% on top of already discounted mattresses. Most experts will agree the right time to shop for bigger purchases are near a major holiday (think Labor Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.) when people are in full shopping mode. When the New Year has arrived, things seemed to be discounted as well to make room for the newer models of items. Many online retailers will also discount their mattresses further and offer incentives such as free pillows or similar bedroom apparel.

The Cons of Buying Online

As with everything, there are some less than desirable aspects of purchasing your mattress online. Unless there is a store located nearby, you are unsure how the mattress is actually going to feel until it is delivered. Shipping costs for a heavier, bigger item can also be pricey so make sure you research the different options for shipping offered.

Returns and refunds can also be tricky when purchasing online, so make sure to review the company’s policy regarding these situations. Read reviews from consumers on how the company handles transactions and check to see if they offer a trial period for testing the new mattress. Double check that your refund will not be reduced by the return fee to the store.

Bargaining with a seller is non-existent online whereas in store you can sometimes manage to talk your way into a better deal.


Saving money can be easy when a purchase isn’t an impulse buy, but instead a well-thought out process. People want to get the best bang for their buck, as they should, but quality should not have to be sacrificed in place of saving money. If you sit down, research different mattresses and their cost and use this knowledge to make a smart purchase, you might find yourself with enough money leftover in your budget for that duvet set you’ve been eyeing!