Finding the Best Vacuum Cleaner under $200

best vacuum cleaner under $200

I’ve been wondering lately about what’s the best vacuum cleaner under $200. I had recently researched the best vacuum cleaner under $100. However, I got to thinking about it, and I wondered at what point a vacuum cleaner goes from sufficient to great.

Therefore, I started doing some research into the options available in the $100 to $200 range. If I can find a really stellar vacuum in that range, then it might be worth the extra cost. However, if I can’t, then it makes more sense to just stick with the vacuum cleaner that’s under $100.

The Process of Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $200

I decided to use the same approach to this research as I did when looking for a cheaper vacuum cleaner. Therefore, I went straight to Amazon to start my search. First, I did a broad search for vacuums. Then I limited my selections to those that have free Prime shipping.

Next, I scrolled down the left-hand side of the screen where the filters are. I selected only “home and kitchen” vacuums. After all, I don’t need an industrial vacuum cleaner. Finally, scrolling down a bit more, I entered the minimum and maximum price. I went with $101 – $200 so that I could find the best vacuum cleaner under $200 while ruling out the ones I previously searched for under $100.

The Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Under $200

I immediately noticed that I have a lot more options if I increase my price range to $200. Specifically, I’m now able to see a lot of robotic vacuums, which weren’t an option at the lower price point. I’ve never owned a robot vacuum, but I’ve enjoyed seeing them in other people’s homes. It might be worth a shot. So, I looked into the different option.

I immediately noticed the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The price is just under $200. However, at the time that I searched, they were running a promotion for a $50 off coupon. It’s always worth looking at big deals like that, so it caught my attention. It’s an extra-thin, sleek, self-charging robot vacuum that’s reportedly quiet and good for cleaning up dog fur. If I get a robot vacuum, it sounds like a good one to go with.

However, I also noticed the ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner with Water Tank. It has a mop function, which actually makes a lot of sense for my home, since I only have carpet in one room of the apartment. You can remove the mop feature when you want to clean the carpeted areas. It’s priced at $179, and it could be another great option.

The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners Under $200

The other main difference between the $100 and $200 price cap is that the higher price point offers more options for upright vacuum cleaners. While there were a few good choices under $100, there is definitely a lot more to choose from if I go up to a $200 limit.

Upgraded Version of an Old Favorite

Mostly, you get extra little features. They may not be necessary, but they sure could be convenient. For example, there’s a Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner available under $100. In fact, it’s one of the best options for an upright vacuum at that price point. However, if you purchase a more advanced version of the same vacuum, then you get a little bit more for the added price. For $144 your additions include:

  • 7″ Crevice Tool
  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • Dusting Brush
  • Pet hair Accessory Tool
  • Upholstery Tool

I don’t personally need all of those extras for my home. Therefore, it would be better on the budget to get the similar vacuum priced under $100. However, if I had a larger home, then those conveniences might be worth the cost.

Another Good Upright Vacuum Cleaner

That said, I did see another upright vacuum cleaner that looks really good. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 is priced under $150. It has a crevice tool, dusting brush, and pet power brush. The canister has a lift-away feature so that you can easily reach hard-to-reach areas even though it’s a full-sized vacuum. Plus it has a HEPA filter and sealing technology that’s supposed to keep all the allergens inside the vacuum. 

There’s actually another version of that same vacuum that’s a little bit pricier, right under $200. It has all of the same features and more. Specifically, it has Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology. This means that it self-cleans, removing hair from itself as it picks it up. I have long hair that’s always getting trapped in a vacuum, so this might actually be worth the added cost for me.

Do you have a good recommendation for the best vacuum cleaner under $200? Share in the comments!

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