How to Save Money in the Suburbs

For many, living in the city is the only way to go and they will preach about the restaurants, the museums, and even how they can live without a car.  Contrast this with common misconceptions about life in the suburbs – you need a car, its only strip mall after another, and it is more expensive.

But like most misconceptions, the accepted wisdom about life in the suburbs is not always correct.  For example, if you live close to a major city it is probably cheaper not to live in the city and this article will give you some tips on how to save money in the suburbs.

More Living Space

Without exception, the price of land in American cities is significantly more than it is in the suburbs.  This often means that those choosing to remain within the city line must pay more, a lot more, for housing.  This would explain many in New York or Boston need to live in postage stamp sized apartments or have 10 roommates just to afford the roof over their heads.

But this is not the case when you live in the suburbs.  The land is less expensive, and this means you can either buy a bigger house for the same that it would cost for that tiny city apartment, or you can save the money by getting a small place out of town.

The additional living space also means that you can have a proper yard and the air is cleaner.  This is a bonus for those who like running or cycling as there is often more space to enjoy these activities.

Just imagine if you were to live in a suburb around Seattle, this would mean that you don’t need to invest in long-term storage as you’ll have extra space in your house to store everything.

You Still Don’t Need a Car

Sure, there might be cases where a car can come in handy when living in the suburbs.  But the reality is that if you choose your suburban experience then you won’t really need a car.  This means looking for a community with good rail links to the nearest city and having a town center where you can easily shop for everything you need – even then your car rides a bike for your errands.

Following this approach, you not only save on your housing expenses, but you eliminate the need for car payments and car insurance – this can add up to thousands of dollars in savings every year.

If you do need a car from time-to-time, then look for a community with an Enterprise Car Rental or a similar company in town.   You would be surprised how many suburban towns have car rental options and, in some cases, they will pick you up and drop you off for no extra charge.

You Can Have a Garden

Imagine trying to have a full-fledged vegetable garden while living in the city?  Ok, it’s not impossible as some cities have shared spaces for gardening; but even when they do space tend to be at a premium.  Compare this with living in the suburbs where you can have your own backyard with enough space to plant as much as you want.

In addition, you could also set up a hothouse and this would allow you to grow your own herbs and vegetables year-round.  Just think how this would help you to save on groceries!

You’ll Cook

One thing about living in a city is that it is so easy to either go to a restaurant or to order delivery.  Not that you can’t do this when living in the suburbs, but generally there is less choice.

While some people might view this as a drawback, the reality is that having fewer restaurants around will force you to cook for yourself.  Not only will this save you money (the menus at most restaurants mark up their ingredients by four to five times) but it will help you to eat healthily and this will help you in the long run when it comes to medical expenses.

You Won’t Have to Pay for Private Schools

While we can argue the reasons why this happens, the fact is that most suburban school districts offer a better education compared to urban districts.  What this means for parents is that they don’t need to pay property taxes as well as school fees.  This could lead to saving thousands of dollars per year.

As you can see living in the suburbs can help you save money, the only thing left now is to make the move and enjoy the quiet nights in a home of your own.


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