How to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employees come and go. That’s a known fact. But high employee turnover simply does an organization no good. This only means low quality performance as well as unmet expectations in the workplace—not to mention unnecessary expense for the company.

According to, it is even more expensive to lose workers than to keep the current ones. The good news is that there are free and inexpensive ways to encourage employees to stick around.

Hiring the right people

While it is a given to hire employees with strong skills and qualifications that perfectly match the job, it is also important to consider how well they fit in with your company’s culture. If employees are not able to adapt to your work environment, chances are they won’t feel happy and content with their jobs. Aside from feeling left out, they won’t get along well with their co-workers, which might lead to poor work performance, and eventually, resignation.

During the hiring process, make sure to also dig deep into the applicants’ behavioral and cultural qualities. Find out how they react to certain situations by tweaking your interview questions into more spontaneous and unpredictable ones. Most of all, talk about your workplace culture. If your company is strict about being a drug-free workplace, don’t hesitate to inform applicants that they may need to pass a drug test, such as a THC test, before they can be accepted for the job.

Practicing work-life balance

It turns out that ignoring work-life balance in the workplace can lead to more harm than good. Aside from serious health consequences, such as fatigue and burnout, poor work-life harmony in a company can lead to low productivity and high employee turnover. With team members getting more and more irritable and less and less energized by the minute, there’s not much your business can achieve in the end. And yes, this apparently means that you need to do an overhaul on your management style.

Allow your employees to take the day off every once in a while. As much as possible, delegate projects one at a time. Giving them time to focus on themselves and their families every now and then will ultimately make them feel appreciated and cared for.

Offering growth opportunities

Employees each have different reasons for staying at a company, and aside from the perks and privileges, they often look for and stick to a job that helps them advance in their careers. You can be that company that values professional growth through many ways.

Take time to dig into their career aspirations. Once you get to know better what motivates them as professionals, apply them into the workplace. Whether it’s by paying for seminars or through challenging them with a promotion, giving them opportunities to advance will make them feel like their stay in your company is a worthwhile experience. While you can never force every employee to stay, you can always work hard to gain their loyalty as much as possible.


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